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PET Crystal CLR Screen VS Fresnel ALR Screen and Plasterboard

What is Pet crystal CLR screen


PET crystal has special optical sawtooth structure, lenticular ALR It has removed foggy phenomenon, providing bright, vivid and perfect pictures.

With Gain of 0.8 and viewing angle of 160 degree, the audience can see clear and vivid image in all directions.

What is fresnel ALR screen

Fresnel, unlike the PET Crystal, use "half circle" sturcture to reject ambient light.

The differences between PET and Fresnel are as follows:

  1. The optical structure is different. The anti-light screen of PET optical structure is only resistant to light from above, and the left and right sides are not light-resistant. 

    Fresnel optical structure is resistant to light on three sides, which can resist light from above and left and right.

  2. Due to structure difference, the viewing angle of the PET anti-glare screen is about 160 degrees, which is much larger than that of the Fresnel screen of around 60 degrees.
  3. Hot spot issue, that is the main defect of Fresnel screen, if the viewer is out of viewing angle, the image would have brightness uneven. 

Projecting directly on wall?

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