120 Inch ALR Screen

Seeking a cinematic revelation in your own living space? Elevate your movie nights with the NothingProjector 120” alr ust screen. Experience visuals in unprecedented detail on this expansive 10-foot display. This grand ALR projector screen 120 inch not only elevates home viewing but also transforms any professional presentation. Step into a cinematic world with the best 120-inch ALR screen at NothingProjector. Elevate your entertainment experience – get yours now!

  • Black Series Intet projektor ALR-skærm til projektor med ultrakort kastelængde
  • Nothingprojector Classic Alr PET Crystal Screen til projektorer med ultrakort kastelængdeNBL Alr PET-krystalskærm til UST-projektorer
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  • kr.16,389.15
  • Nothingprojector youtube cover 150inch-XY Screen-Pet CrystalXY-skærm - kæledyrskrystal - mikroskopisk display

Is an ALR CLR screen worth it?

For ultra-short throw projectors, the necessity of an ALR/CLR screen diminishes in purely dark settings. Yet, for those budget-conscious enthusiasts aiming for a superior viewing experience, an ALR/CLR screen remains a commendable option. Screens with low gain offer nuanced black levels even in dim conditions.

What are the dimensions for a 120-inch ALR CLR screen?

The 120-inch ALR CLR screen has a diagonal measurement of 120 inches, with a viewing area of 104.5″ in width and 58.8″ in height. It boasts a 16:9 HD aspect ratio, encased in an aluminum frame. When fully assembled, the screen’s overall dimensions are 105.3″ x 59.6″ with a depth of 0.98″

Is a 0.6 gain suitable for rooms with ambient lighting?

For ultra-short-throw projectors with high lumens, a low-gain ALR screen is ideal. A lower gain often translates to enhanced contrast.

Do all screens with a 0.6 gain produce identical results?

No, not all 0.6 gain ALR screens are created equal; performance can vary based on the fabric quality. While our Classic ALR screen offers commendable performance, our Black Series, crafted from a superior fabric, delivers enhanced clarity and contrast.

120 inch ambient light rejecting screen FAQ’s

For a 4K UHD Screen:

Recommended Minimum Distance: 120 inches (or 10 feet)
Recommended Maximum Distance: 180 inches (or 15 feet)

Keep in mind, these are just guidelines. The ideal viewing distance can vary based on personal comfort and room specifics like size, layout, and lighting. Ultimately, the optimal distance should cater to individual preferences and the unique characteristics of the viewing environment.

The recommended height is between 24 inches to 30 inches, but individual preferences and specific characteristics of the viewing room will play a crucial role in determining the optimal screen height.

The projector should be placed approximately 34cm away from the screen.

The optimal placement largely depends on your screen type. For fixed frames or retractable screens , a basement home theater or living room is ideal. However, with alr screen 120 inch motorized floor rising screen, you enjoy the advantage of portability, allowing for more versatile placement options, including outdoor setups for movie nights or game sessions with friends. Do note, though, that placing a floor-rising screen near or under a fan isn’t advisable, as the fabric screen can be affected by wind, leading to unwanted shaking.

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