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Black Series Ingenting Projector ALR/CLR Ultra Short Throw Projector Skærm

Black Series Ingenting Projector ALR/CLR Ultra Short Throw Projector Skærm

Normalpris €735,48 EUR
Normalpris Udsalgspris €735,48 EUR
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Levering beregnes ved betaling.
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ALR/CLR-skærm i høj kvalitet, men alligevel er det halvdelen af prisen for andre mærker

Produkt Parametre:

Forhold: 16:9 / 4:3 / Tilpasset

Evne til afvisning af omgivende lys : Fremragende

Gevinst : 0,6

Gældende projektorer : Ultrakort kast

Betragtningsvinkel : 170 grader

Belægning: ST Carbon Black

Materialer: Pet Crystal

Opløsning: 4K UHD

Tilgængelige størrelser: 80"-120"

Projektortype kompatibel: Ultra kort kast

Afvisning af omgivende lys : 95%

nothing projector black series projector screen

Klik på videoen for at se ydeevnen af vores sorte serie med andre skærme

Robust ramme, der er nem at samle

Skærmmaterialet er spændingsmonteret ved hjælp af glasfiberstænger og fjedre forbundet til en aluminiumsramme for en solid og stabil opsætning.

10mm Narrow Frame

Kan prale af 95 % afvisning af omgivende lys

Vores linseskærme med en specialiseret savtand struktur styrer lysspredning og absorption effektivt. Dette forbedrer kontrasten, forbedrer ydeevnen for sort og løfter den generelle billedkvalitet og gengiver billeder levende og klare på tværs af forskellige lysforhold

95 Ambient Light Rejection

NothingProjector kan ikke kun prale af en konkurrencedygtig pris, men den adskiller sig også blandt de utallige skærme, der tilbydes inden for budgetområdet under $ 1,000.

*Data leveres af smart home-produkttesteksperten The Hook Up.

percent ambient light rejection 15 degree source

15° NP Black Series: 62% (rang 3)

percent ambient light rejection 45 degree source

45° NP Black Series: 80% (rang 1)

Indeholder en ensartet savtandsstruktur for overlegen billedkvalitet

Den konsekvente savtandsstruktur sikrer stabil lyskontrol, ensartede visuelle effekter og et bredt projektionsvinkelområde, der giver overlegen kontrast, billedkvalitet og en fordybende seeroplevelse.

Uniform Sawtooth Structure

ST Carbon Black. Øget kontrast og billedkvalitet

Vores ST Carbon Black gennemgår behandling ved høje temperaturer og leverer overlegen lysabsorption. Det begrænser effektivt refleksion og spredning, hvilket øger kontrasten og billedkvaliteten på lentikulære skærme. Oplev mørkere, rigere sorte farver for levende og tydelige mørke områder.

what is ST Carbon Black

Optimal betragtningsvinkel

Nyd den bedste visningsoplevelse fra ethvert sted i rummet.

Viewing angle

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Hvordan er din billede?

Nohing Projector Black Series Screen ramme er lavet af letvægts, holdbar og stabil aluminium. Det er nemt at samle og sikrer en rynkefri oplevelse.

 Hvor mange års garanti har produktet?

NohingProjector skærmen leveres med en 1-års garantiperiode. I denne periode kan vi sende skærmen tilbehør til dig, hvis det er nødvendigt.

Behold denne garantiinformation til fremtidig reference. Hvis du har spørgsmål eller har brug for yderligere assistance, bedes du kontakte vores kundeserviceafdeling.

What are the differences between Fresnel screens and ALR screens?

When viewed from the same central vision, the visual effect of Fresnel screens may be slightly better than that of ALR screens. However, Fresnel screens have a viewing angle of only 60 degrees, and the best effect is achieved when viewing directly in front of the screen, while ALR screens can have a viewing angle of up to 170 degrees. This means that if you want to watch movies or TV with your family, an ALR screen might be a better choice.

What is the delivery timeframes for you screens?

If you are in Europe, Australia, or the United States, it will take approximately 5-7 days. For other regions, please contact us for details.

What are the differences between the Nothingprojector PET Crystal Classic Screen and the  Black series screen?

Compared to our Classic Screen, the Black series is more resistant to light and the color is more natural. You can click on the following video to see the comparison of the performance of the two screens.

NP classic screen vs black series

Does your screen price include Value Added Tax (VAT)?

If your product is shipped from our local warehouse, Value Added Tax (VAT) will not be charged. Please confirm with us carefully before purchasing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
William Daniel
Beautiful screen! Worth the money.

I got a lot of “oh wow” and “that’s amazing” reactions! Screen is great. I’d buy again. 120” screen. Only issues 3 issues: 1. Screen smells bad for three days like new inner tube, but goes away. 2. The drywall anchor screws are junk!! Do not use them. But 8 from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Mine never worked and had to pull them out with needle nose players. 3. My screen came with a 2 inch crease that’s invisible when watching the screen but with projector off and lights on, you can see it.

Still waiting for verification

I finally received my screen after a two week delay caused by “logistic issues”, even when shipping to U.S. from U.S. warehouse. Upon receiving, everything arrived in good condition. Product was packaged very well. Although, I could not find anything on the package stating it was in fact the black series screen I ordered. I spoke with Jennie, and she said she would send me a sample of the classic screen for comparison, so I could verify I did get the screen I ordered, but this was also more than two weeks ago, and I still haven’t heard anything from them. Still waiting.

It would be nice if there was a model number or sticker somewhere on the screen so you know you’re getting what you paid for. Other than that, the frame is very sturdy, and the screen itself looks great. Just wishing I opted for bigger than 120” since I have so much more wall space. Will update to five stars after I verify it’s the correct screen.

Christopher Eubanks
Almost Perfect

I recently was in the market for a screen to pair with my new UST (AWOL LTV-3500). I ordered a sample materials kit from another company which included about a dozen of different material types. I also ordered a sample of ALR material from Nothing Projector (based on great reviews). Despite the fact that my projector is in a loft, which allows a lot of daytime light from under bedroom doors, the staircase, etc., I was hoping that I could get away with a non-ALR material since most of my use would be at night. After comparing them all, I decided that the ALR screen was the way to go despite the higher cost. In a perfectly light controlled room, you can get away with a traditional white or grey screen, but if you plan on doing any daytime viewing, the increased contrast you get from an ALR screen is incredible when compared side-by-side. Additionally, the ALR material from the other company (while cheaper) introduced a blue hue to the picture that I wasn't crazy about. The Nothing Projector screen was a perfect middle ground with excellent black levels while not muting peak brightness too much and maintaining good color accuracy.

The Good:
1) The ALR screen makes my projector very usable even in daylight hours. The pictures attached were all taken during daytime. In one the blackout curtains are closed which makes a huge difference, but even with the curtains open, it's very watchable.
2) With the curtains drawn, the colors absolutely pop and it's not too far off from a TV experience picture-wise.

The Great:
1) Customer Service was incredible. I had a bunch of questions before ordering and they responded very promptly to every one.
2) When I first ordered my projector, I had measured everything around a 120" screen. However, when I first set it up against the wall, 120" just wasn't giving me the WOW factor I was hoping for. With my room only having 8' ceilings, a 150" screen wasn't going to fit. I reached out and asked customer service if they'd ever considered a screen size between those. Less than an hour later, I was emailed a link and a 135" option was added to the website. I have no idea if they always made this size and just didn't have it on the website or if it was specifically added to the product line due to my request, but either way absolutely incredible!

The Not So Good:
1) Ok the only reason my review is 4 stars instead of 5. I knew from reading forums that any screen size over 120" would have a seam where the material would have to be joined. However, I was told by customer service that this seam would be barely noticeable and absolutely invisible once everything was on. It's not a dealbreaker for me, but the seam which appears as a black line running the length of the screen about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom is definitely not invisible from my viewing distance (about 11'). During dark scenes it's barely noticeable, but during bright scenes, I can absolutely see it and I do find it a little bit distracting. For me, the tradeoff is worth it to have the larger screen I was looking for, but I just wanted to note that your mileage may very for how distracting you find this.
2) Delivery took a bit longer than I hoped. I was told to expect 17 days from order to delivery. In reality, it took 27 days. Not a huge deal at all, but worth noting.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend Nothing Projector to a friend. Now, back to the movies!

Vijayakumar Balakrishnan
Impressed with the quality and value for money

Even though the package arrived very later the product worth the wait . IT’s was packaged well and easy to disassemble.
Instruction manual was okay . Didn’t struggle much to put up. It took 2 hours for me with help of my daughter.

Vesa P
Great screen for the price

The delivery from the European warehouse was fast. Installation of the screen was quite easy. Only outer frame. was a bit tight to get in place for some reason. Maybe I left a bit too much gap somewhere in the earlier installation stage. Installation was single person job expect for hanging the screen on the wall. I think it helped a bit to test the actual wall installation and check the brackets were on correct positions with empty frame first (without the canvas) at early stage. At least this way it is easy to prevent any damage to the canvas when you have practiced first.

The screen itseft is great. Now the watching with projector is so much better even on a daylight than on the painted wall. Images are completely perfect and ambient light does not infer quality at all. We have Epson LS800 as a projector and it's light output is sufficient for any situation.