Hisense PX2-Pro Formovie Theater Our Thoughts:
Brightness 2400 2800 With bright room projectors like these every lumen counts. Because of that the Formovie Theater has an advantage with regards to projector brightness.
Throw Ratio 0.25:1 0.23:1 Both USTs sit close to the screen but the Theater will sit a few inches closer than the PX2-Pro
Chipset .47" DLP .47" DLP Both USTs use the same smaller .47" DLP chipset.
Light Source RGB Triple Laser ALPD® 4.0 RGB+ Triple Laser Both have true RGB triple laser light engines, but Formovie includes ALPD 4.0 technology that offers deep black levels.
Color 107% BT.2020 107% BT.2020 Both laser TVs offer an incredibly wide color gamut.
Contrast Ratio 1200:1 3333:1 The Formovie Theater beats the PX2-Pro with some of the best contrast found on any UST projector.
Image Size 90 to 130 inches 80 to 150 inches With a much wider screen size range the Formovie gets a large advantage (pun intended).
Input Lag 4K/60Hz: 38.1ms 4K/60Hz: 43ms Both offer decently low lag times and the Hisense 4K UST has a slight edge for gaming.
Audio 30W Dolby Atmos® Full-range×2 + Tweeter×2 (30W) By Bowers & Wilkins The Formovie laser TV has arguably the best built-in soundbar of any ultra short throw projector.
Price  $2,997.9 $2,999(screen free) Both of these 4K UST projectors are a great value and about the same price.