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Formovie X5 JMGO N1 Ultra Our Thoughts:
Brightness 2500 2200 Both projectors are bright for portable projectors but the Formovie X5 is clearly the brighter by a decent amount.
Throw Ratio 1.27:1 1.20:1 The JMGO N1 Ultra Cube can sit closer to the screen giving it an advantage.
Screen Size 60"-500" 50.02" - 150.07" The Formovie X5 can produce a significantly larger screen size (though you would need a very dark room to achieve the 500 inch screen size).
Projector Lens Shift None None Neither projector provides lens shift.
Chipset 0.47" DLP 0.47” DLP Both projectors use the same smaller DLP chip.
Light Source ALPD 3.0 Single Laser RGB Triple Laser The triple laser light source gives the JMGO cube projector a significant advantage. Though the ALPD technology has its own benefits.
Contrast Ratio 973:1 1670:1 The JMGO lifestyle projector has a clear advantage with regards to projector contrast.
Input Lag 4K/60: 42.5ms 4K/60: 35.1ms Neither projector is a true gaming projector with these adequate lag times. JMGO though does get the edge
Built-In Speakers Denon 2x12W + 6W 10.0 Watts x2 The built-in speakers found on the Formovie X5 are higher quality and sound much better than the JMGO N1 Ultra.
Price €1.380,00 €2.099,00 The Formovie X5 is one of the lowest priced 4K lifestyle projectors out there and has a big edge compared to the JMGO N1 Ultra