The best Fengmi laser projector in 2022

The best Fengmi laser projector in 2022 - Nothingprojector

Today, we are going to reviews all the Fengmi models and give out my recommendation on different price range


I’ve divided the models in three parts

The first one is price range from $600-$1300

The mid range is from $1300-$2200

The top range is from $2200-$3300


Fengmi has release two budget laser projectors last year. The Fengmi R1 and R1 nano. They are both compact projectors would suitable for your bedroom. R1 nano has a very small size and would be able to power by a PD charger. It uses 0.23 DMD so expect too much in performance but it is very competitive in its price range.


Fengmi R1 is the up version of R1 Nano, with better sounding and 0.33 DMD chip which can gives you a decent image quality with 1600 ANSI and MEMC.


Fengmi Wemax One/One Pro, is Fengmi’s old models with 1700ANSI lumens and 0.47 DMD chip also 3D support.


So what is my recommendation in the price range? Well, I would recommend Wemax One if that is in your budget, Fengmi R1 if you are a casual user. I know you guys might be angry if I recommend a 3-year-old model to you. But look at the price, wemax one has dropped to a sweet point as being an old model. It is only about 10%-20% higher than the new Fengmi R1, what it brings advanced is higher lumens, better throw ratio so you can project bigger image size in the same distance. Also it supports 3D and most importantly, it uses 0.47 DMD chip which has a native resolution of 1080p so the image would be much sharper than the 0.33 DMD. In fact, that still my daily use in my bedroom and I am happy with it.


On the other hand, if you like the compact design and if MEMC is very important for you. Then you should consider Fengmi R1.

Our winner of the budget range:


The second section is what I call the 4k section, it is where all the models would have 4k resolution. Don’t get me wrong, all of the models even the top models use 0.47 DMD chips with pixel shifting to achieve 4k. That is very common in the price range. In this price range, you can find Fengmi 4k/4k Global version, Fengmi 4k Pro, Wemax A300


Fengmi 4k and 4k Pro is being very similar. That is because they are basically the same machine with different tuning. I would personally recommend 4k over 4k pro as it is more balanced tuning. 4k Pro has tuned for higher lumens but less balanced color.


But wait, there is another old soldier comes with glory. The Wemax A300, A300 is the old flagship model and it has now dropped to the same bracket of 4k/4k Pro. I know it is another old model I recommend again. But if I tell you we have a new baby with 2000 ANSI lumens, 4000:1 contrast, 3D support, a beautiful piano coating outlook, and 3 year warranty.. I reckon it is the best bang for bulk in its price range. The other choice I have is the 4k Global version, simply because it has better native Android system and google assistant and Netflix. Or the C2 if you want a lower budget.

 Our winner in the mid range

The last part is the top end models of Fengmi, this year we have the new Fengmi T1. We also compare it with Fengmi 4k Max and Wemax D30.

T1 comes with exciting tri-laser lighting engine, Bowers and wilkins sounding, Dolby Vision support.
Fengmi 4k Max and D30 is basically the same machine, that is very similar situation of 4k/4k pro. 4k Max is tuned for highest lumens of 4500ANSI, where it reduce the contrast to 1500:1, D30 has tuned for more balanced color with 3000:1 contrast.


I would give my recommendation to the latest T1, simply because it give the best value in its price range. Even Though it has red tint problem in its Dolby Vision mode, we’ve now known Fengmi will gonna to fix the problem in the next OTA. The other thing is it is going to have an international version in April so lets wait.

 Our winner in the top range

If budget is not a problem and you simply want the best performance, I would recommend 4k Max or D30, higher lumens helps to again the ambient light so you can use the projector like a TV in daylight. Also they have more powerful DTS speaker than T1. It also comes with an extra RS232 port for more applications.

So that is all my recommendations. Let us know what you think in the comments and we will see you guys next time, peace! I really mean it.

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