More Features and Additional Services

  • Ready to Stream(4K Max Fire TV Stick offered)

    Our Patented TV Stick pocket includes a HDMI and a power-supply USB port, allowing you to hide the TV stick insider the projector without extra AC adapter. We also provide an amazon 4K Max Fire TV Stick for you. You can access to your best Apps when powering on the projector everytime.

  • Projector Calibration Service

    Nothingbutlabel is offering a comprehensive display color calibration service for our customers, to help ensure image fidelity.

  • Local Repair Service

    Repair services offer the total after care solution, so we ensure that you get the most from the projector equipment you purchase. (Only EU)

Suitable for Various Occasions

Formovie theater has 2800 ANSI lumens, 4K UHD, HDR10+, MEMC, auto Low Latency Mode. It can be an entertainment centre for your whole family!

  • Home Cinema

    Awol laser projector is the perfect alternative to large LCD TV, the must-have for a home theater. It makes an advanced home cinema possible, enjoy the big screen without worrying about harm to the eyes!

  • Game

    When you switch to the Game Mode, formovie theater exhibits the time lag to ensure that all your gaming action is real-time. It's also safe your eyes, which means you can play all day long!

  • Party

    Invite your friends and start watching sporting events better than ever before!

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