Dangbei Emotn N1 Heimprojektor


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Dangbei Emotn N1 Heimprojektor
Dangbei Emotn N1 Heimprojektor Angebot$306.00
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Dangbei Emotn N1 Heimprojektor


Display Technology


Brightness (ANSI Lumens


Light Source


Light Source Lifespan

30,000 Hours


1080P FHD (1920×1080)

Supported Formats


Throw Ratio


Image Size


Auto Focus

Yes, ToF Laser Auto Focus


2 x 5W

Dolby Digital


Dolby Digital Plus




Manual Keystone Adjustment


Operating System



8GB eMMC5.1

Auto Keystone Adjustment

Yes,±20 Degrees Auto Keystone Correction


Official License from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc.

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Tailored for Unlimited Entertainment

Switch on and let the magic of premier Netflix content transport you to a world of limitless excitement. Get ready to be hooked, only with our exclusive remote control featuring Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube hotkeys.

Everything Sharp and True to Life

Experience all your eye-popping favorites in native 1080p Full HD quality. Every frame is rendered with stunning precision, delivering an unforgettable visual journey.

Crisp and Clear Before You Know

The Emotn N1 never lets your world be blurred for more than one second with the cutting-edge ToF(Time-of-Flight) Autofocus. It gets everything ready for you in a flash, leaving your hands free to grab popcorn and drinks.

Experience the Cinema-Quality Size at Home

With a large FHD projection of up to 120 inches, you'll always be the VIP invited to the front row. Time to take control of your own private movie screen!

Make Setup a Breeze

The Emotn Nl offers you peace of mind to get into the mood for your favorite movies. Place it anywhere you like and the Auto Keystone Correction allows for a super quick setup to settle your joy in place right away.

Cinematic in Every Sense

Enhanced with Dolby AudioM and 2×5W built-in speakers, the Emotn NI provides rich, clear, stunning sound — it's not just a projector: it's a home theater!

Nature's Friend. Your Friend.

With a lifespan of 30,000 hours, the Emotn NI can accompany you for over 20 years, even if used for 4 hours a day. NI also promotes eco-friendliness by consuming only 20% of the power used by a TV, making it both your friend and a friend to nature.

Versatile Connectivity

Seamlessly connect your Emotn N1 to a variety of devices via HDMI, USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth, offering you flexible connectivity options.

One-Step Angle Adjustment

The built-in stand on the bottom allows you to effortlessly adjust the projection angle by up to 12 degrees. No need for a tripod! It's perfect when you just need to tweak the angle a little.


  • How do I turn on N1?

1. Connect N1 to a power outlet.
2. Press the power button located on the top of N1.
3. Insert batteries into the remote control and press the power button on it.

  • What is the recommended projection distance for N1?

1. Determine the optimal projection size based on your needs. The recommended projection size of the Emotn N1 is within 60'' - 120", with 100" being the optimal size.
2. For the best image quality, we recommend using the following projection sizes and distances: 60" at 5.48ft, 80" at 7.22ft, 100" at 8.69ft, and 120" at 10.33ft.

  • How do I pair the remote control with N1?

1. Please ensure the remote control is within 10cm/0.33ft of the projector.
2. Press the "Volume Down" and "Right" buttons on the remote control simultaneously until the indicator light starts flashing. This indicates that the remote control has entered pairing mode.
3. The connection is successful when the indicator light stops flashing.

  • Can I project directly onto a frameless curtain or wall?

If you intend to project directly onto a frameless curtain or wall, ensure that the surface is flat and there are no obstacles behind the curtain or on the wall. Please be aware that the automatic correction feature may be affected by the environment, resulting in minor inaccuracies that can be manually adjusted.

  • How do I update the firmware for N1?

Go to Settings > Setup > Internet Update Check.

  • How do I reset N1?

Go to Settings > Setup > Reset Default.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


Chris Benson
This is a fantastic little projector - perfect compromise of price and features!

I have tried four different projectors at this point, and I have a slightly nicer, brighter, better sounding one, but this balance of price and features in the emotn might actually be my favorite.

It's plenty bright, and it sounds about as good as a TV without a separate soundbar.

The autofocus works like a million bucks, and it focuses automatically every time you turn it on, and there's an option for it to refocus if you move the projector around.

I haven't had very good luck with the auto-Keystone adjustment, but I think that's because the environment around my 100" screen is too busy for it to latch onto the perimeter. But the on-screen manual adjustment is quick and intuitive and does a great job.

I've been watching the emotn pretty much every night for several months now, and I absolutely love it.

It has some smart-TV selections built in, like Netflix and YouTube, but I use a $20 dongle to bring in all of our subscribed services like YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video. This also allows a Bluetooth connection to our TV's soundbar.

Emotn N1 Projector offers impressive picture and sound quality

The Emotn N1 projector is delivered with a native resolution of 1080p (Full HD). I consider the image quality to be outstanding. The projector is connected to a Tiny PC, which is also capable of 4k. The picture quality is wow - really! Very high contrast, very detailed, and great sharpness. Suitable for both movies and video conferencing as well as presentations.

When I unpacked it, I got a great first and later second, and third impression. Qualitatively, the beamer is great in terms of price performance. The brand itself was unknown to me, but surprised me very positively. The design (white variant) of the projector is kept very simple and unobtrusive. I like that very much! The case is made of valuable material from my point of view.

Solid projector, amazing customer support

I got this projector when my TV broke, and I didn't feel like buying a new one. It was a great choice. Everything from the sound, picture quality, and ease of use has been impressive.

I also love the customer support! When my projector accidentally fell on the ground, the company sent me a new one in a matter of days.