About US

Nothing Projector is a company that has been deeply involved in the development of projectors and screens for five years. We specialize in Ultra Short Throw projectors and ALR screens, and our strong experience and technical expertise make our partners and customers feel that our products are stable and reliable. In addition to our focus on the experience and research of projector products, we also devote ourselves to the design and development of Laser TV Cabinets, which enables us to provide customers with more diverse and rich product choices.

We have many powerful official partners, such as ForMovie, Awolvision, Vivid Storm, Dang Bei, and XY-screens, who support and trust us and have provided us with great help in promoting and spreading our products in the market. We are also active on various social media and forums, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Quora, where customers can find product reviews and customer feedback. With our commitment to quality and innovation, Nothing Projector offers customers a reliable and satisfying experience in the world of projectors and screens.