Best Ultra Short Throw Projector 2023 - Nothing Projector

Best Ultra Short Throw Projector 2023 - Nothing Projector - Nothingprojector

2022 is a busy year for UST projectors, many manufacturers has announced their new UST projectors. Formovie has brought us the Formovie Theater which had lots of attention. So lets start the count down


The first one is A300 which is an old flagship model, but it has still modern specs with decent price. It has 2000 lumens, still outstanding 4000:1 native contrast, 4k and 3D capability, with its price range, its a very good entry level choice.


Top 4 is C2, which is also a budget level choice with all the mature technology from Formovie


Top 3 is the T1, it is the Chinese version of Formovie Theater, very attractive price as it is a Chinese version, it can be changed to English interface aftermarket, would be an attractive choice for those who doesnt need full CMS and just use it as a normal projector


Top 2 is Formovie Theater, unlike the T1, its International version so it has native Android system, very comprehensive color management system, and better support on global market


Top 1 is the AWOL 3500, when it comes to brightness, AWOL 3500 has pure power in its regard, and don’t forget its tri-laser model so Bt.2020 color garmut is the norm. With it latest firmware update, AWOL can achieve 2500:1 contrast on this monster beast. With a right screen, you can really take it as a “laser TV”


Okay that is all for today, what do you think for the best projector in 2023, let us know in the comment below, see you guys next time, peace

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