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Formovie C3 Review: The King Of Value For Money

Formovie C3 Review: The King Of Value For Money - Nothingprojector

Hello everyone! Today we have received the newly released Formovie laser projector C3. The first thing that caught my attention was this white body the square body adopting a minimalist design style an easily match with various styles and doesn't seem out of place when put in the living room.

It feels like touching a matte texture. Then the front panel has random small dots like pixels. Formovie calls this front panel Dazzling Star Galaxy. Then the side of the device is designed with many small ventilation holes. These holes not only improve the cooling efficiency of the device, but also make the whole device look a bit more irregularly beautiful.

The back of the device is also a simple design decorated with diagonal lines which also enhances the cooling. One The back there are three HDMI ports to USB ports one SPDIF have one Lan and One Line Out Port.

formovie C3 review HDM

This generation of the peak rice C3 brightness of 400 nits. We played some clips to see its performance in a night environment and it did very well.

 formovie C3 400 nits

We turn on the overhead light to see how it performs under a simulated daytime conditions.  Even under simulated daylight illumination this projector still performs simply an outstandingly.


formovie C3 400 nits in light

Then let's look at its performance in gaming. This generation of Formovie C3 supports the latency in gaming with an average delay of 40 ms which allows for smooth gaming on a big screen.

formovie C3 gaming

Let's take a look at the new features of the Formovie C3. One of these features is “one tap screen mirroring.” We pick up the phone go to the formovie C3 settings and “Find the one tap screen mirroring” function.

Then we use the phone to scan the QR code on the screen. At this point, a prompt will open asking you to connect once connected click on “Enter screen mirroring” below. Then align the frame with the four edges of the screen and press the shutter button. It will automatically align itself.

Let's take a look at the comparison of the screen of Formovie C3 and C2


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