ALPD 5.0 Technology Released

ALPD 5.0 Technology Released - Nothingprojector

ALPD ® technology, which leads the laser display industry, ushers in innovation again.

On November 30th, Appotronics officially released the latest generation of ALPD® 5.0 laser display technology, which can achieve the largest color gamut visible to the human eye on the basis of no speckle, low cost, high efficiency, and compactness.


What is ALPD 5.0?

Officially released in November 2022, taking advantage of more flexible core devices

  1. Larger color gamut (color gamut value reaches 120% Rec.2020, 165% DCI-P3, 210% Rec.709)
  2. Higher light efficiency (ALPD 5.0 Pro>20lm/W; ALPD 5.0 Lite>10lm/W)
  3. Smaller size (0.47/0.33/0.23 platform, more flexible optical machine configuration)


What advantage is ALPD 5.0?

Overcoming laser display Rec.2020 color gamut cost and speckle problems

  • In the past, laser display products that reached Rec.2020 color gamut suffered from high cost and high power consumption, making it difficult to popularize them to the general consumers, while also missing the opportunity for consumers to experience the full-color performance of laser displays.
  • ALPD® 5.0 laser display technology, by matching the software algorithm with the light source control, has significantly increased the color gamut to 120% Rec.2020, 165% DCI-P3, and 210% Rec.709, meeting the color gamut requirements of the 4K standard and achieving the maximum color gamut visible to the human eye, while maintaining the original ALPD® technology advantages of no scattering and low cost.



Finally, it is expected that optical-mechanical products widely used in the C-end will be launched next year.


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