Pre-shipment Video Calibration Service

Worry about your expensive Fengmi/Formovie laser projectors is not being accurate?

It looks washed out? The blacks look grey? The faces are too red? The Grass is too green? Its too dark? Its too bright?

Try our pre-calibration service! Our trained technician would tuned the projector to the best of it can be. So you can enjoy your movie right at it arrives!

Here are the professional tools we will use for calibration

  • Klein K-10 colorimeter
  • SpectraCal C6 HDR 2000
  • SIX G HDMI 2.0 Generator
  • Calman Video Pro 2020

Each projector would have its separated tuning to its best and our technician would generate a Pre/Post calibration report for the result.

Sample report: