Beat it

What qualifies?

Your product may be eligible for price matching if it is:    

Identical to the competitor's product.

The product must be a matching brand, model number and color to qualify. The product must also be a new product.

Immediately available at a qualifying online retailer, or a local competitor.

We match local retail competitors (including their online prices) and these qualifying online retailers

Find it. Chat with us.

 1. Find a qualifying product.

While online, find a qualifying product that you want to price match. Make sure the product you would like to price match is an immediately available new product and is identical to our competitor's product (it must be a matching brand with identical model number and color). Orders are available for price matching by online chat or by phone.

2. Chat to Request a Price Match

Connect with us via Chat or Email. Please be prepared to direct us to the ad or website that is displaying the current lower price you would like to match. You would need to provide us with a screenshot of final payment page including cost of product, transaction fees, shipping etc.

What we don't match?

We don't match the service and warranty, we beat it.

All the purchase through price match would still enjoy our warranty policy, we would cover the shipping back to you if any warranty claim.