AWOL LTV-3500 Review & Reality Shoot

AWOL LTV-3500 Review & Reality Shoot - Nothingprojector

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AWOL Vision LTV-3500

Hello guys, today we are going introduce the AWOL LTV-3500 and LTV-2500 Tri-Laser UST projector.

It has 3500 peak lumens of brightness, 4k display, HDR 10+ it is new comer for UST laser projector


The first impression of this big baby is it is really bright. I mean if you look at it

booting animation, it is almost gonna to hurt your eyes. It ticks almost all the boxes like bt.2020 color garmut, MEMC, HDR10+, low latency gamming mode, Dolby Atom, Dolby Vision is not on it yet but AWOL said they are working on it and will released it via OTA.


It runs Android 9 so it can plays with normal functions like playing media files but it also has a Fire TV 4K Max coming out of the box. The projector has a specific pocket for the TV stick, inside the pocket you have a HDMI jack and a USB power, that way it can support Netflix and Youtube almost natively you can upgrade the stick if there is next generation comes out. it kind of clever design to solve the system problem, some similar design also found on Epson. It is very quiet, with almost no noise when running.


For the CMS, like many of the big brands, AWOL provides, tons of tons of options you can changed on image, from gamma setting to six colors gain and off setting. It gives more space for professional movie enthusiastic


We have took some sample video, lets have a look!


That is pretty much all we have today, feel free to let me know if you have any questions by commenting below. We will see you guys next time!

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