Fengmi X5 4K Laser Projector Debut

Fengmi X5 4K Laser Projector Debut - Nothingprojector

Fengmi X5 4K Laser Projector Debut

At the recent CES 2023 exhibition, Fengmi demonstrated two new concept projections, namely: Fengmi X5 Laser Projector and Fengmi S5 Rolling Concept Machine.

1. Fengmi X5 laser projector parameter configuration

  • Appearance parameter evaluation
The appearance of the Fengmi X5 laser projector is similar to that of a home speaker, with the entire exterior made of metal material and a nearly square shape design. The middle of the projector features an oval-shaped projection lens, and the overall texture is quite good.
  • Image quality parameter evaluation
The Fengmi X5 features ALPD laser display technology and is equipped with 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, which can bring more levels of color effects and a better sensory visual experience.
  • Audio parameter evaluation
The Fengmi X5 partners with the world-renowned luxury audio brand Denon to deliver excellent audio and visual effects, particularly in the mid-to-low frequency range. It also continues its tradition of supporting Dolby Audio and DTS-HD dual decoding certification for better stereo and sound fidelity.
  • System parameter evaluation
In terms of system parameters, the Fengmi X5 may continue to use the Amlogic T982 processor, which has a quad-core Cortex-A73 CPU architecture and a computational power of 260 billion cycles per second. This strong performance allows for smooth operation of the projector and supports global MEMC motion compensation, with a minimum latency of 12ms. The smart system runs on Feng OS, which has a borderless desktop and built-in streaming platforms such as iQiyi and Happy TV, allowing access to TV shows, movies, and other video content. The system also has ad-free fast boot.

2. How about the Fengmi X5 laser projector?

The Fengmi X5 laser projector is a pretty good product. Although it is not currently on sale, it appears that this model is positioned as a flagship product for home use and has features that are similar to a home theater. It's intended for use in the living room with a projector screen. We can wait a little longer, as it will probably go on sale around May 2023.

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