Home Entertainment in 150-Inch with AWOL-3500, XY/NP-Screen Factory Tour and Product Review

Home Entertainment in 150-Inch with AWOL-3500, XY/NP-Screen Factory Tour and Product Review - Nothingprojector

A few days ago, we visited the XY/NP-Screen factory and tested their 150-inch projector screen. During the factory tour, we observed the precise control over every aspect of the production process, from raw materials to finished products. XY-Screen is a professional manufacturer of projector screens, and their products are widely used in home theaters, commercial displays, and educational settings.


During our visit, we also learned about the AWOL-3500, a powerful projector that, when paired with the 150-inch XY/NP-Screen, delivers an immersive experience with ambient light similar to that of a car or a home. With 3D capability and a 150-inch screen, you can experience 150-inch 3D imagery in the comfort of your own home without worrying about the challenges that 3D presents on such a large screen. The AWOL3500's unique optical structure makes focusing on the 150-inch screen easy and effortless.


In addition, the AWOL-3500 boasts 2500:1 native contrast ratio, making images even more vivid and lifelike. It also supports HDR 10 PLUS and Dolby Vision for clear and bright visuals. Some people may wonder if the screen has creases in the middle. In fact, it consists of two screen panels combined, but there are no visible creases during projection and only a thin line is visible when it is turned off.


During testing, we used the AWOL-3500 with the 150-inch XY/NP-Screen. The moment the power was turned on, we were impressed by the high resolution and enormous size of the image. However, currently there is a crease on the 150" screen, which might be a deal breaker for some users.

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