ALPD 3.0 vs ALPD 4.0

ALPD 3.0 vs ALPD 4.0 - Nothingprojector

So on my last post, I mentioned I still prefer Wemax D30 or Fengmi 4k Max over Fengmi T1 in terms of performance. Many people would not agree, here is why.

What is ALPD?

On Appotronics website, it says

ALPD®, namely the fluorescent laser technology, is used for image display based on the laser-excited fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color laser lines.

What is ALPD 4.0?

  1. Developed in 2018, Phosphor + laser solution, for the ultimate viewing effect
  2. Larger color gamut (color gamut value reaches 98.5% of Rec.2020)
  3. Higher contrast ( reach cinema standards 2500:1)
  4. Higher light efficiency (30% more efficient than ALPD 3.0 generation products)

ALPD 4.0

What advantage is ALPD 4.0?

Basically, the ALPD 4.0 products would have:

  • Wide color garmut
  • High efficiency therefore high lumens

Since ALPD 4.0 uses pure laser as the light source, it can reach wider garmut such as bt.2020.

What is the issue of ALPD 4.0, what is laser speckles

What causes laser speckle?
When laser light illuminates a diffuse object, it produces a random interference effect known as a speckle pattern.

Since ALPD 4 uses multiple laser as the light source, it would have laser speckles. Fengmi uses LPSE speckle suppression technology to reduce 90% of the laser speckles. However, the problem would still exist. Look at the following image test.

 Here is the image I take on Fengmi T1 which uses ALPD 4.0

 ALPD 4.0 Fengmi T1 Test Review

Get a closer look (Open in another window for bigger image):

Fengmi T1 ALPD 4.0 review


You can see the speckles pattern on the edge of blue & purple.

Again, compare it with Wemax A300 which uses ALPD 3.0

Wemax A300 ALPD 3.0 test

(Open in another window for bigger image)

Wemax A300 ALPD 3.0 review

As you can see, A300 has better color transition, smoother picture.

Having said that, on the other hand, Fengmi T1 has good wide color range. However, there is no way I can reproduce it on your monitor.

So sum it up, if you are looking for wide color range stunning image with the latest tech, ALPD 4.0 is your choice. If you are after a smooth and still pretty much impeccable image, then ALPD 3.0 with fluorescent light source is still your choice.

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