Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Shelling out for an oversized TV can be quite a dent in the pocket. Enter a more budget-friendly alternative: Ultra Short Throw projectors paired with ambient light-rejecting projector screens. Revel in an immersive big-screen experience without stepping outside your home. We feature top-notch UST projector brands such as Formoive and Awol, ensuring you enjoy 4K, HDR, and crystal-clear visuals to cater to your cinematic desires. Feel free to email us or give us a call for guidance on selecting the projector that best suits your needs.


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Ultra Short Throw Projector Buying Guide & Recommendations

Budgets Under 2000 EUR: Formovie C3 UST Laser Projector

Recommended Reasons:Priced at just €1,799, this ultra-short-throw projector features a remarkable 3000:1 contrast ratio, typically found in projectors nearing the €3,000 price range, enhancing picture quality with more depth and detail. Its 30W audio performance further adds value at this price.

However, the C3's current limitation to an English-only system requires the use of an external video/streaming device for use.

Budgets Under 3000 EUR: Formovie Theater UST Laser Projector

Recommended Reasons:Formovie Theater is the only projector that currently supports Dolby Vision and is also the least expensive of all the triple laser projectors. This combination of advanced technology and affordability makes it a compelling choice for cinema enthusiasts seeking a top-quality viewing experience.

It lacks 3D support, which could be a drawback for fans of 3D movies. Additionally, while it features the international version of Android TV 11.0, accessing Netflix still necessitates a separate streaming device.

3D Enthusiasts:

Explore the AWOL Vision series, including the AWOL 2500, AWOL 3000, and AWOL 3500, all offering 3D capabilities. Their pricing is directly proportional to their brightness levels.

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Contrast Ratio




Light Source

ALPD Laser

ALPD 4.0 Triple Laser

RGB Triple Laser


2200 ANSI

2800 ANSI

2600 ANSI

How to Choose An Ultra Short Throw Projector


The brightness level of a projector, indicated by its lumens rating, is a vital aspect to consider for clear and vivid image quality. Higher lumens ensure that images aren't dimmed by ambient light.

  • Well-Lit Environments: In rooms abundant with natural or artificial light, a projector with at least 2500 lumens is recommended for optimal visibility. Models like the Formovie Theater, AWOL 3500, and AWOL 3000 are ideal for such settings.
  • Daylight Usage With Curtains: For daytime viewing with the need to draw curtains, choose a projector with a minimum of 2000 ANSI lumens to ensure a pleasant viewing experience.
  • Viewing in Dark Settings: If you predominantly watch movies in dark rooms, a projector with less than 2000 lumens is sufficient and can still provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

Selecting the Ideal Screen Size for Your Projector:

Imagine the possibilities with modern ultra short throw (UST) projectors, capable of casting an impressive screen size of 80 to 120 inches. But for those with a vision grander still, desiring screens beyond 120 inches, reaching up to 150 inches.

For those with ultra-large screen ambitions, we recommend equipping yourself with a projector that boasts not only high-quality lenses but also superior brightness, complemented by an anti-light screen. This combination helps minimize the risk of corner blur and brings your expansive cinematic vision to life

  • For High Brightness: Consider the AWOL 3500 (3500 ANSI) or the Formoive 4K Max (4500 ANSI), both champions of luminosity.
  • For Superior Lens Quality: The AWOL Vision, distinct from its peers, utilizes a premium Ricoh large-aperture glass lens, ensuring the sharpest focus and fulfilling your grand screen ambitions.
  • Anti-Light Screens: When seeking perfection in lit environments, the ultra short throw projectors demand screens that can defy natural light. The Nothingprojector Black Series, with its top-tier black grid material, not only blocks ambient light but also ensures the pristine preservation of your film's original quality, all while offering great value

Projector Size and Required Space Considerations

Ultra short throw projectors offer a significant advantage over short throw and conventional projectors in terms of installation space required. However, even with ultra short throw models, it's not feasible to use them right against a wall. Especially in living rooms or areas with narrow walkways, the placement of the projector is an important consideration.

In simple terms, the throw ratio is defined as the projection distance divided by the screen width. A smaller throw ratio means the projector can be placed closer to the wall, minimizing the space needed between the projector and the screen. For spaces where every inch counts, opting for a projector with a smaller throw ratio is key.

The Formovie ultra short throw projector leads the pack with an impressively low throw ratio of 0.23:1, closely followed by AWOL's projector at 0.25:1, showcasing their advanced capabilities in space-efficient projection

Sound Quality in Projectors

While many projectors come with decent built-in speakers suitable for a standard audio experience, integrating them with a superior external sound system can dramatically enhance the audio quality.

For those without external audio options, certain projectors stand out for their exceptional built-in sound capabilities.

Notably, models like the Formoive Theater and the AWOL Vision series boast impressive in-built speakers and support Dolby sound, ensuring a rich and immersive audio experience straight out of the box

Contrast Ratio

For ultra short throw projectors intended for home use, we recommend opting for a contrast ratio of 2500:1 or higher.

The contrast ratio of a projector significantly impacts the quality of the image. A higher contrast ratio deepens blacks and brightens whites, making the picture more vivid and the details sharper.

In simple terms, during darker scenes in movies, a projector with a high contrast ratio will allow you to clearly see intricate details like facial shadows, while a projector with a low contrast ratio may only show the outline of figures.

In terms of contrast ratio, the Formovie C3 stands out as the ultimate value-for-money choice. Despite being priced under 2000 euros, it boasts an impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio

Input Lag Considerations

If you or your family are planning to pair your device with gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, prioritizing an ultra short throw (UST) projector that's gaming-friendly is essential.

Look for a projector with a dedicated low latency game mode, minimal input lag, and support for HGIG for HDR gaming. It should also have sufficient brightness to allow gaming with the lights on. Ideally, choose a projector with at least three HDMI ports to avoid the need to frequently swap different media devices for gaming. Generally, an input lag of 30-40 milliseconds is suitable for most casual games, while 70 milliseconds is the acceptable upper limit. However, be mindful that this might cause noticeable delay in fast-paced FPS (First-Person Shooter) games.