Dangbei Atom vs Formoive S5 Portable Projector Side by Side Compare

Dangbei Atom vs Formoive S5 Portable Projector Side by Side Compare - Nothingprojector

Recently, Dangbei launched a new portable projector, which looks quite similar to the Formovie S5. Today, we will conduct a side-by-side comparison of these two projectors.



Feature DangBei Atom  Formovie S5
Light Source Tech ALPD Laser ALPD Laser
DMD Chip 0.33" DMD 0.23" DMD
Brightness 1200 ISO lumens(1500 ANSI lumens) 1100 ANSI lumens
Throw Ratio 1.27:1 1.21:1
Resolution 1080P 1080P
Focus Automatic Focus Automatic Focus
Keystone Correction Automatic Keystone Correction Automatic Keystone Correction
Eye Protection Yes No
3D Yes  No
Image Size 40"~180" 40-120"
Storage 32GB eMMC5.1 16GB eMMC
Operating System Google TV Feng OS
System Language multilanguage  Chinese/English
Intelligent Voice Supported Not Supported
Content Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ No(Need extra Fire TV stick 4k)
USB USB2.0 x 1 USB3.0 
Type C No  Yes
Color Gamut

120% Rec 709

100% Rec 709

2 x 5W

2 x 5W DENON Sound
Dolby Audio Supported Supported
Weight 1.2kg 0.84 kg
Light source life






When I hold both projectors in my hands, I can clearly feel that the Dangbei Atom is a bit heavier.

Both the Formovie S5 and Atom projectors do not have built-in batteries, which means if you need to use them outdoors, you will have to bring the power adapter.

However, the S5 has an additional Type-C port, meaning it can support a power bank connection, directly replacing the need for a power adapter. In terms of portability, I believe the S5 has a slight advantage.

In terms of portability, I believe the S5 has a slight advantage.

Both projectors' power adapters are about 500g each. Even though the Atom is a bit heavier, the total weight for either projector is around 2kg, which isn't too much. You can easily toss them into a small bag or backpack and be on your way.

But there's one thing that can't be ignored.

since the Atom is specifically designed for international use, its plug also complies with European standards, whereas the S5 requires an adapter to be used.

dangbei atom portable projector


From the specifications table above, we can see that the Dangbei Atom (as officially claimed) reaches a brightness of 1200 ISO lumens (approximately 1500 ANSI lumens), which is 400 ANSI lumens brighter than the Formovie S5.

We all know that when buying a projector, both brightness and image quality are crucial. Let's take a look at the actual comparison effect.

To accurately test the true lumens of the Atom, we used instruments and the nine-point method for measurement. The actual brightness of the Dangbei Atom projector is approximately 1124 ANSI lumens.


dangbei atom portable projector


Below, I compared both projectors by projecting them onto the same matte white screen in the dark, without any enhancements.


It's evident that the brightness of Dangbei is superior to that of the S5, with colors appearing more vivid and saturated.

I'll only show their comparison in the dark because when I projected both projectors onto a matte white screen (similar to a white wall) in a very bright environment, the performance of both was quite ordinary, with only a faint image visible.

However, this is understandable since their brightness levels are not yet sufficient for viewing under daylight conditions (at least a real 2000 ANSI lumens) and I did not use an ambient light rejecting screens during the comparison test, so this result is acceptable.

As portable projectors, I believe that whether it's the S5 or the Atom, they can both meet your daily needs. Whether you're heading back to your bedroom after work, drawing the curtains on a sunny afternoon for a movie night, or organizing a watch party with friends in the courtyard at night, both will perform well.

However, if you wish to use them in a very bright environment during the day, you'll need to purchase an additional ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen designed for long-throw projectors.

Additionally, I noticed that the Dangbei Atom also supports brightness adjustment, meaning if you find the projector's brightness too high, you can manually adjust it to a level you find comfortable. This feature is not supported by the Formovie S5, which only offers two default options: movie mode and office mode.




The higher the resolution, the clearer the image.

The clarity of a projector is closely related to its resolution. Home projectors typically need to have a resolution of at least 720P to meet standard projection requirements and not compromise the viewing experience. 4K resolution projectors are still quite expensive in the market.

The display chip directly determines the resolution of the projector. The larger the size of the display chip, the higher the resolution of the image.

Regarding clarity, while both projectors boast a 1080P resolution, the Dangbei Atom, equipped with a 0.33DMD display chip, delivers sharper images compared to the Formovie S5, which utilizes a smaller 0.23DMD chip.

In the image mentioned, the display on the left is from the Dangbei Atom, while the display on the right is from the Formovie S5.

You can see that the outline of the petals in the image on the left is clearer than that on the right.


Sound Quality


The Formovie S5's audio system was developed in collaboration with the internationally renowned brand DENON, which has always been highly esteemed in the industry.

In contrast, detailed information about the Atom's audio features is scant.

Both projectors are equipped with 2x5W speakers, ensuring a robust viewing experience without the need for an external Bluetooth speaker.

During my testing, I played the same song and the same movie on both projectors.

Sitting next to them, I could tell that the S5 was better at handling high frequencies, such as human voices, producing a richer sound.

The Atom, on the other hand, excelled in low frequencies, particularly with drum beats, bass, and other details.


The Atom was more powerful in rendering these details, while human voices seemed somewhat weaker compared to the S5.

For someone like me who enjoys Hollywood movies, the Atom offers a more immersive experience.

The volume of both projectors is sufficiently loud, meeting the needs of even outdoor screenings.


 Color Gamut

The color gamut of a projector refers to the range of colors it can display. Generally, a larger color gamut means a richer display of colors and a higher fidelity in color reproduction.

According to official data, the Atom's color gamut covers 120% of Rec 709, while the S5's color gamut covers 100% of Rec 709.


User Experience Comparison

CPU Processor

The performance of a projector's CPU directly impacts the accuracy of the image, video decoding capabilities, and the smoothness of the system, among other factors.

According to official information from Dangbei, the Atom uses the flagship MT9669 chip, which is more powerful than the Amlogic T982 used in the S5.

However, when I opened the same movie on both projectors simultaneously, I did not notice the Atom decoding and starting the video any faster than the S5; they were almost simultaneous.

In terms of system fluidity, my experience is that there is little difference in smoothness between the two; both are very responsive.


Operating System

On this point, the Dangbei Atom's Google TV has an absolute advantage over the Formovie S5.

What I particularly appreciate is that the Atom supports multiple languages, with over 20 languages available, and it even supports multilingual voice input.



I conducted a noise test standing 1 meter away from the dangbei atom projector, and the results showed approximately 36 decibels.


When using both machines at the same time, I noticed that the noise level between the two was not significantly different, unless you bend down and put your ear directly next to the projector to hear any difference in the noise level between them.



The Dangbei Atom supports 3D, a feature not available on the Formovie S5.

To use this function, you will need to provide your own 3D glasses and offline 3D content (download the content online and copy it to a USB drive, hard disk, or other external storage device). The content format must be either Side-by-Side or Top-and-Bottom.

Gaming Experience


Since I couldn't find specific input lag data from the official sources for the Atom, I decided to directly test the same game on both projectors.

After playing the game on each projector, I distinctly felt that the Atom had lower input lag, offering a smoother overall experience.

You can see in the following video that the Dangbei screen on the right is one frame ahead of the S5 on the left; the image transitions immediately, while the S5 still experiences a delay.



Overall, the Dangbei Atom is a highly competitive portable projector, very easy to set up, and offers a user-friendly experience, especially for beginners. However, if you wish to use it during the day, you will need to purchase an ALR screen additionally.

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