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Black Series Nothing Projector ALR/CLR Ultra Short Throw Projector Screen (Presale)

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Sale price€649,87

Type: Regular Size
Size: 100 inches
Warehouse Location: China warehouse

Our Black Series screens have SOLD OUT due to high Black Friday demand. Expect restock by late December. Orders placed now will ship immediately upon restock.

High Quality ALR/CLR Screen Yet It's Half The Price Of Other Brands


Product Parameters:

Ratio: 16:9 / 4:3 / Customized

Ambient Light Rejecting Ability : Excellent

Gain : 0.6

Applicable Projectors : Ultra-short Throw

Viewing Angle : 170 degrees 

Coating: ST Carbon Black

Materials: Pet Crystal

Resolution: 4K UHD

Available Sizes: 80"-120"

Projector Type Compatible: Ultra Short Throw

Ambient Light Rejection : 95%

nothing projector black series projector screen

Click The Video To See The Performance Of Our Black Series With Other Screens


Robust And Easy-To-Assemble Frame

The screen material is tension-mounted, utilizing fiberglass rods and springs connected to an aluminum frame for a solid and stable setup.

 10mm Narrow Frame

Boasts 95% Ambient Light Rejection

Our lenticular screens, with a specialized Sawtooth structure, manage light spread and absorption effectively. This enhances contrast, deepens black performance, and uplifts overall image quality, rendering images vibrant and clear across diverse lighting condition

95 Ambient Light Rejection


Not only does the NothingProjector boast a competitive price, but it also distinguishes itself among the myriad of screens offered within the sub-$1,000 budget range.

*Data is provided by smart home product testing expert The Hook Up.

percent ambient light rejection 15 degree source

                             15° NP Black Series: 62% (rank 3)

percent ambient light rejection 45 degree source

                             45° NP Black Series: 80% (rank 1)

Features A Uniform Sawtooth Structure For Superior Image Quality

The consistent sawtooth structure assures steady light control, uniform visual effects, and a broad projection angle range, offering superior contrast, image quality, and an immersive viewing experience.

Uniform Sawtooth Structure

ST Carbon Black. Heightened Contrast And Image Quality

Our ST Carbon Black undergoes high-temperature treatment, delivering superior light absorption. It effectively curbs reflection and scattering, boosting contrast and image quality on lenticular screens. Experience darker, richer blacks for vibrant and distinguishable dark areas.

what is ST Carbon Black

Optimal Viewing Angle

Enjoy the best viewing experience from any spot in the room.

 Viewing angle



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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great screen

Exelent product, superfast shipping from China to Europe.
The low gain black series screen is super crisp with my Samsung Lsp9t with great black colors. Easy and straitforward frame assembly and no wrinkles on the screen.
5 stars from me 👍

David U.
Top quality - Qualitativ Top

I have no real comparison with another screen from another manufacturer, but the aluminium frame is super stable and relatively easy to assemble.
Thanks also to Jennie, who was super quick to help with customs clearance from China to Austria.

Ich habe keinen wirklichen Vergleich zu einem anderen Screen von einem anderen Hersteller, aber der Alu-Rahmen ist super stabil und relativ einfach zusammenzubauen.
Danke auch an Jennie, die beim Verzollen von China nach Österreich super schnell geholfen hat.

Dustin Warren
Amazing screen

I have assembled and mounted a ton of screens and this one was by far the easiest to build and the wall mounting brackets were the best application I have seen. The bottom hooks are tensioned by springs and are super flexible! Everything turned out perfect and I’m super happy I went with the black ALR. Stop looking and just buy this screen. Its worth it!

William Daniel
Beautiful screen! Worth the money.

I got a lot of “oh wow” and “that’s amazing” reactions! Screen is great. I’d buy again. 120” screen. Only issues 3 issues: 1. Screen smells bad for three days like new inner tube, but goes away. 2. The drywall anchor screws are junk!! Do not use them. But 8 from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Mine never worked and had to pull them out with needle nose players. 3. My screen came with a 2 inch crease that’s invisible when watching the screen but with projector off and lights on, you can see it.

Still waiting for verification

I finally received my screen after a two week delay caused by “logistic issues”, even when shipping to U.S. from U.S. warehouse. Upon receiving, everything arrived in good condition. Product was packaged very well. Although, I could not find anything on the package stating it was in fact the black series screen I ordered. I spoke with Jennie, and she said she would send me a sample of the classic screen for comparison, so I could verify I did get the screen I ordered, but this was also more than two weeks ago, and I still haven’t heard anything from them. Still waiting.

It would be nice if there was a model number or sticker somewhere on the screen so you know you’re getting what you paid for. Other than that, the frame is very sturdy, and the screen itself looks great. Just wishing I opted for bigger than 120” since I have so much more wall space. Will update to five stars after I verify it’s the correct screen.