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The displayed cost is for professional projector calibration anywhere in Europe. Please note that once the order is placed, we will get in touch with you to arrange the shipment of your device to our calibration lab, where our trained professionals will set up your projector.

What is calibration?

Put simply; screen calibration is optimising your picture quality. The process involves us attaching a specific device into the television and into our laptop computer (the human eye is not sufficient for this process) which guides us on what setting changes need to be made to enhance your viewing experience. The calibration process lessens the workload on the TV or projector, which in turn increases the lifespan of the TV or projector.

Correct calibration can significantly improve image quality, making colors more natural and sharpening details. It can also adapt to various projection environments for an optimized visual experience.

Why pay for professional calibration?

Setting up the basic settings at home (even with a calibration disc) won't get anywhere close to the professional service offered by a full calibration where the light in the room/screen is measured, colours are setup based on reference points using professional equipment and you'll know that the settings of your projector are "right" and you're watching the picture you should be.

We can also offer this service for your flat screen TV but this is even more important for a projector setup considering the greater number of variables with a projected image as well as how ambient colours in the room can affect image quality (which is why many dedicated cinema rooms have black walls although even in this case a full setup is of course beneficial).

We highly recommend this service to ensure you're getting the best possible image from your investment in a projector.

The four main benefits to calibrating your system are:

  • Improvement in picture quality
  • Save money on power bills
  • Extend the lifespan of your television
  • Watch movies in cinema-quality with true “real” colour

How often should I calibrate my system

Ideally, when you first purchase your new television or projector, it should be completed within the 20 to 50 hours of first receiving and turning on your TV for projector for best results. Anything older and you’ll be wasting your money as the screen will be “worn in” too much and difficult to archive best results possible. For optimum performance throughout the life of the display, this process should be carried out annually.

At the end of the calibration process, we’ll provide you with a before and after comparison, report to show you the adjustments that we made, what the original settings were compared to, what the new setting are now. Only after this, you will see the benefits of having your TV or projector calibrated.

Our color calibration is performed by professional PVA certified personnel using specialized equipment

Comparison of Before and After Calibration Results




The process/steps after ordering color calibration are as follows


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