Fengmi Formovie S5 Laser Projector 1100 ANSI Smart Portable ALPD Perfect For Game & Movie

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Fengmi Formovie S5 Laser Projector 1100 ANSI Smart Portable ALPD Perfect For Game & Movie - Nothingprojector
Sale price€480,00


Display Technology



1100 ANSI

Light Type

ALPD Laser






HDR 10 

Throw Ratio:


Picture Size


Built-in storage



2GB DDR4 memory


0.83 kg


175 × 175 × 50 mm


HDMI 2.1, USB, Type-C, 3.5mm headphone jack

System Language

CHN,ENG(modify system for more language support)

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formoive S5 ALPD® Laser Display Technology

Despite its compact size, what makes the Fengmi S5 stand out

ALPD® Laser Display Technology

Fengmi S5 uses ALPD® Laser Display Technology, found in over 27,000 cinemas nationwide.

Enjoy a cinematic experience at home with higher efficiency, stable brightness, and impressive performance in brightness, contrast, and color accuracy.

It's not just about visual delight, it also amazes the sense of hearing

DENON sound

Teaming up with the prestigious luxury audio brand Denon, boasting a 112-year legacy.

Transforming the audiovisual experience

Formovie S5 benefits from acoustic design and tuning by Denon's audio experts. It boasts dual 5W high-fidelity speakers, a generous 130cc sound chamber, and impressive low-frequency performance down to 80Hz, outperforming its counterparts in the same category.

23 dB soft tone operation

The noise of movie viewing and office mode is as low as 23 dB, Like a baby silent breathing sound. No noise interference,
Build a sound field ring that is quiet enough. I hear pure good voice

2gb + 16gb Memory Bank26000Trillion times/per second computing speed

Intelligent Picture Correction

Omnidirectional automatic correction

The S5 supports horizontal ±45° and vertical ±45° offset correction, so customers no longer need to be scrupulous but casually place the projector to acquire a square picture.

Dual model synchronous focusing

Firstly, the built-in 6-axis gyroscope would realise synchronous mon- itoring, which will immediately trigger focusing when the machine is displaced. Secondly, The perception of TOF depth of field would greatly improve the focus time. Therefore, When focusing is needed, the picture could immediately be clear.

Screen intelligent obstacle avoidance

With Al neural network algorithm, after huge data model training, the S5 improves the accuracy of obstacle avoidance, even if it is projected on a complex wall, the S5 can accurately calculate the best projection area.

Automatic screen alignment

When the S5 collocates with the screen, without debugging and matching, after turning it on, it can actively identify the screen
and immediately fit it.

Fast image zoom

There is no need to move the projector to adjust the screen size because the S5 enables rapid scaling to equal proportions scaling from 60% to 100%.

12ms low latency

HDMI 2.1 interface, connected to the game console to achieve sound and picture lossless output; “Automatic low delay mode” * eliminates manual switching, and allows fast people to enter the game state in one step; The average delay of the game mode is as low as 12ms to accurately capture the opponent’s dynamics. The game experience is full and more dazzling achievements are achieved.

Smooth Fluid pictures | MEMC

Synchronously monitoring and analyzing the scene, calculating and drawing the objects’ motion trail, and inserting the compensation frames between high-speed moving frames to eliminate the tearing and dragging of pictures, effectively improves the performance of low frame rate film source.


Without MEMC


Wireless screen projection, unlimited possibilities

Support multiple system projection modes such as Android, IOS, Mac OS, Windows, etc., get rid of the chaos of lines, and enjoy large-screen entertainment anytime and anywhere experience.

Enhance your user experience with the versatile Formovie S5 Mirror Bracket

you can easily mount it on the wall, saving space even in smaller areas

Discover a fresh viewing experience with the projector stand

Ceiling cinema. Comfortable viewing even while lying down

Enhance your user experience with the versatile Formovie S5 Mirror Bracket

you can easily mount it on the wall, saving space even in smaller areas

Discover a fresh viewing experience with the projector stand

Ceiling cinema. Comfortable viewing even while lying down

Product Note

Formovie S5

* The luminance test data were obtained from Formovie
Laboratory, and the actual luminance differs from various luminance modes.
* 4K resolution is supported by decoding.
* After connecting to HDMI, you can enter the game mode. In order to ensure a low latency experience, the motion compensation function would be temporarily turned off when entering the game mode.
* Automatic Low Latency mode (ALLM) requires the game console to support the this function.
* The adjustment range of omnidirectional automatic correction is ±45° for the X and Y axes. In order to ensure the accuracy of correction and viewing experience, it is recommended that the maximum Angle of side casting should not exceed 40 degrees.
* The noise test data is obtained from the Formovie Laboratory, which is measured at circumstance temperature of 25 degree centigrade and at a distance of 1 meters from the product surface. The test results may vary with different test environments, conditions and equipment.
* Dolby certification number: 682690
* DTS Certification number: C302169
* SGS Low Blue Light Certification number: CNICM220714001 *The pictures and functions shown above are for reference only. Please refer to the actual use of the product.
* The products shown above are for reference only and need to be connected to the power supply.

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Fengmi Formovie S5 Laser Projector 1100 ANSI Smart Portable ALPD Perfect For Game & Movie - Nothingprojector
Get to know the Formovie S5

Customer Reviews

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Not suitable for UK market. Do not buy unless you want to use external device for streaming as the onboard operating system is Chinese. You can download the recommended Projectivy Launcher but this does not give access to any usable apps.
Also I have the Xgimi elfin and side by side they are very similar, although the elfin has better contrast. BUT the elfin is a 600 lumens projector and the Formovie S5 is supposed to be 1100 lumens!!! I bought the Formovie because I thought it would be much brighter, but I have been misled by misleading information. I have written to Nothingprojector in order to return it as unsuitable but they are not interested and steadfastly refuse to accept the return of the projector. This is despite the fact that under UK law you are allowed to return an online item for any reason within 14days.

Superbe produit

Équipement complet et qui s’utilise de manière simple et s’adapte à tous types d’usages

Incroyablement très satisfait

Juste top, mon 1er projecteur que du bonheur un systèmeson incroyable avec l audio denon une qualité image au rendez-vous allez-y ! " faut être patient pour la livraison 1 semaine d'écart entre les 2 colis retro + son bundel , penser ajouté la firestick 4k et tout est OK 👌🏻
Bon visionage à tous ! :D

Extremely impressed and pleasantly surprised

I normally don’t post product reviews, but the Formovie was such a game changer for me in terms of viewing experience that I had to leave one. Not only is the picture quality off the charts, even the sound of the built-in speakers is completely immersive and satisfying as a home theatre experience. Although I had already heard so many good things about these before purchasing, I was blown away well beyond what my expectations were. The brightness is remarkable, especially considering my room has light coming into it in the daytime and is by no means a dedicated theatre room. Everything I watch is vibrant and nuanced with detail that just pops in ways I’ve never noticed before with any other setup. This is now my primary and only means of watching movies and tv series and is the main fixture of my living room. On top of all I already knew before getting this projector, the price point is what drew me in and sealed the deal for me. Outstanding value for a product of this level.

Definitely a step above anything else

This isn't your standard projector. If your looking in this price range and features, you already know what your looking at. Only my experience is what your after. The body alone is a work of art, it's an awesome looking xase. I've had it a few months, and have nothing bad to say about it. I could get into look better if I purchased another back drop, I just haven't dropped the cash yet. I have windows on two sides of that room, and no matter where the sun is, you can still see the screen with no issues. I had another projector, but you could only use it at night. The safety feature of leaning over it is really cool. I've done it a few times. If your looking for a very good projector, this is the one.