132 Inch Nothing Projector Seamless Lenticular 4K UST ALR Projector screen

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132 Inch Nothing Projector  Seamless Lenticular 4K UST ALR Projector screen
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132 Inch Nothing Projector  Seamless Lenticular 4K UST ALR Projector screen
Sale price€1.500,00




Screen net weight




Frame Width


Frame Color


Package weight


Package dimensions


Viewing Angle

160 degrees

Ambient Light Rejecting Ability


Ambient Light Rejection



16:9 / 4:3 / Customized

Applicable Projectors

Ultra-short Throw

Frame Material

Aluminum alloy frame

Screen Material

High-Precision Black Grid

Image Area


Screen Size(Including Frame)

2897×1638mm (including border)


132 inches (The current largest seamless screen size)


Low Gain

Improve Contrast In Black Levels

Experience enhanced contrast and deep black levels with our low gain screen,

perfectly suited for ultra-short throw projectors

nothing projector screen 1" Ultra Narrow Bezel For An Immersive   Viewing Experience

10mm Ultra Narrow Bezel For An Immersive Viewing Experience

Exquisitely Crafted Slim Design, Flush Against the Wall, Seamlessly Blends with the Environment

nothing projector screen How Black Grid ALR Screen Works

How Black Grid ALR Screen Works

The serriform microstructure on the screen’s surface rejects ambient light coming
from the ceiling, enhancing the contrast and color saturation of the projected images.

nothing projector screen Carbon Black Material Coating Technology   Enhance Black Level Performance

Carbon Black Material Coating Technology Enhance Black Level Performance

ST Carbon Black undergoes high-temperature treatment during its preparation, giving it excellent light-absorbing properties. It effectively absorbs light, reducing reflection and scattering, thus enhancing the contrast and image quality of lenticular screens. Additionally, it provides deeper and more saturated blacks, making the black areas more vivid and distinct.

nothing projector screen Captivating 4K UHD Visuals

Captivating 4K UHD Visuals

No more washed out images. Made specifically with ultra-short-throw projectors in
mind, the NP ALR Screen complements the striking visuals of the projector.

Frosted Textured Aluminium Frame

Durable And Long-Lasting



The ultra short throw ALR projector screen is compatible only with ultra-short throw laser projectors and not with long throw projectors.

Maximizes Your Laser TV Experience

The Nothing Projector Seamless Lenticular Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) UST projector screen improves image quality by 80%, offering contrast levels up to 100 times greater than standard matte white screens for premium color fidelity.

95% Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting

The cirriform optical surface lens microstructure negates up to 95% of the washout effect from ambient overhead light, delivering vivid colors and crisp images.

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle

A 170° viewing angle allows you to spread out while maintaining uniform picture quality from anywhere in the room.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Michael Anderson

I have been very happy with it. Good build quality and does a lot for viewing with lights on.

Jason Miller

I initially wanted to purchase a 150" ALR screen, but after learning that all screens larger than 120" use a splicing technique, I was concerned. Customer service recommended a 132" seamless screen that uses the latest technology. They mentioned that the material isn't the same as the Black Series, but the effect is nearly identical. I decided to give it a try, and the results were excellent.

I have very high standards when it comes to the quality of what I watch and listen to. I wanted to find a UST that would satisfy at least the video portion. After looking at dozens of reviews and content, I finally decided on the Formovie Theatre. I ordered it bundled with the 132” ALR Screen. The screen assembly was straightforward, but due to its size, it required two people to set up. The installation took a bit over an hour, but when we finally got the screen mounted, it was all worth it.

The picture quality is outstanding, with vibrant colors, deep blacks, and sharp details that truly enhance the viewing experience. The seamless design of the screen ensures an immersive experience without any distractions.

All in all, I am happy with the purchase.

Brings 4K to life

Absolutely love this screen. Great contrast without loss of color. Can watch with lights and picture is still good. When lights are off, this screen really shines. The sleek design is beautiful. I was quite pleased that the frame was much thinner than I had anticipated.


The screen is awesome. Great contrast and brightness. If your screen has a whitewash hazy picture, try this one. I highly recommend the led lights too...it really makes for an impressive display...even when the tv is not on.

Would recommend

This product was brilliant! Easy to put up, very clear picture , overall would recommend.