AWOL Vision LTV-2500 UST Projector 2600 Lumens500 4K Home Theatr

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AWOL Vision LTV-2500 4K Short Throw Projector Home Theatre 2600 Lumens - Nothingprojector
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AWOL Vision LTV-2500 4K Short Throw Projector Home Theatre 2600 Lumens - Nothingprojector
Sale price€2.799,00
awol vision ltv-2500 ust projector

AWOL Vision LTV-2500

The Most Adaptable 4K 3D
RGB Laser TV

awol vision ltv-2500 ust projector specifications

Close-to-Perfection Clarity

In both upper corners of the image ,the focus and clarity are
close to perfection, you can almost see the pixels appearing
when you get too close.

awol vision ltv-2500 ust projector True-to Life

True-to Life One+Billion Colors

The color palette and behavior is handled flawlessly
whether it’s for SDR or HDR content.

awol vision ltv-2500 ust projector Dolby Vision Ready

Dolby Vision Ready

With Dolby Vision, AWOL is the only RGB UST
projector in the market that offers Dolby Vision,
HDR 10+, Dolby Atmos, and Active 3D. It stands
out as the most comperehensive ultra-short
thorw RGB laser projector available.

1st UST RGB Laser TV Specialty

Store in Us & American based Service

Based in Delary Beach FLorida, AWOL VISION opens up the 1st
UsT Projector Specialty Store in US for live experience.
In addition, we provide 2 year warranty and US based 24/7
customer service and local maintenance.
Phone and Livechat assistant are available

Product Descriptions


Display Technology : TI 0.47 inch pico DMD
Light Source : Tri-Color Pure Laser
Laser Life : 25,000+ hours
Software OS : Android 9.0


Audio Output Power : 36w (Stereo)
Audio Performance : Doblby Atmos, DTS Virtual X
Noise: ≤27dB
Bluetooth Speaker Mode:Yes


Power Supply : 100-240 V@ 50-60Hz
Standby Mode : 0.5 w
Remote Control : Yes, IR&Bluetooth dualmode


Ethernet : 1*LAN
Digital Audio Output : 1*S/PDIF
Analog Video Input : 1* AV In
TV Stick Compartment : 1
Wi-Fi : Yes, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac(Dual-Band)
Bluetooth: Yes
Wireless Screen Mirroring:Yes


Dimensions :”23.6*13.9*5.7 inch 599*353*145mm”
Weight : 21Ibs / 9.5 kg
Packaged Dimensions :”29.0*19.5*11.8 inch 736*495*300 mm”
Pacakged Weight : 28.9 Ibs / 13.1 kg
Working Temperature : 32-104°F/ 0 – 40 ℃C
Storage Temperature ; -4-140°F /-20 – 60C


Projection Size : 80-150 inch
Brightness : 2600 Peak Lumens
Color Space : 107% BT.2020
Resolution: 4K@60Hz
Lens: Customized Rich F2.0 pure glass lens with super sharpness
Wide Color Gamut(WCG):Yes
24FPS: Yes
Input Lag:15ms 4K@60Hz, 8ms 1080p@120Hz in Turbo Mode
Active 3D: Yes
Throw Ratio : 0.25 :1
Electric Focus : Yes
Keystone Correction : 8 points
Contrast Ratio: 2500:1
HDR : Dolby Vision, HDR 10+,HDR 10,HLG
MEMC : Yes
Auto Brightness Adjustment : Yes
Laser Outlet Blocked Detect : Yes
Eye Safety : Yes


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tyler L.

No projector is perfect, but this one comes very close with minimal comprises. RBE is minimal if your too easily distracted then go with the LS800. Not the brightest but I do not have 100% ambient lightening control but its very watchable during the day, @ night its just wow bright. Color accuracy is very good, with a little of red in the picture but I don't mind it because I don't want colors to look washed out or dull. TV broadcast look great, Movies are awesome and video games are crisp. I tried the built in speakers and it was loud and tested the DLNA and it worked great for most movies but some 4k encoded did not play nice when fast forwarding. I watching via USB external hard drive it worked pretty good. I don't have the perfect setup but @ 110in ALR with 5.2.4 Yamaha A2080 and 14k watts of power for my subwoofers I think the awol 2500 pairs nicely with my home theater living room setup.

R. Kwasneski

For starters let me say the AWOL LTV-2500 UST is the real deal. I'm a serious techie and very particular about my media entertainment, and the hype of this Ultra Short Throw speaks wonders when you turn it on the first time. I had put to the test.. 4K, 1080p, Gaming, and 3D (You'll need a 96-144Hz 3D active DLP glasses, and don't go the cheap route. IR did not work for me), all resolutions are immeasurable in quality. The colors are outrageous. The Fire Stick is a great bundle idea, definitely better than the built in android on other projectors, and hidden away. The secret is choosing the best screen and gain to bring out it's true beast. I chose a gray 2.5 gain after my final determination from the math, and through all my prior research, which allows it to be watched easily during the day, just like a TV. The only slight difficulty is the time it takes to get it crisp and sharp, while flushing it to the corners of the screen. So here's the homework done for you, just as great as the LTV-3500 in my opinion. Watch "Mulan" in 4K, it will speak for itself. AWOL is not popular as other brands, but it stands up better than the best brands out there. Those who know will back me up on this.

Another Weasley

Very good projector, took a little while to get it but overall worth it!

This is not a small unit. It measures 60cm x 35cm x 15cm. It needs to be between 15cm and 50cm from the surface onto which it's projecting, depending on the size of image required. At 50 cm, the screen size is 150 inches, which is *big*. It also weighs aroung 9kg.

It's pretty easy to set up, and the instructions that come with it are actually very good, with a detailed guide to getting the picture geometry right. It has a concealed compartment at the rear, containing 1 HDMI socket and 1 USB socket, with enough room inside for a streaming stick. A Fire TV 4K Max TV is included in the package. This all works really well, and keeps the stick neatly out of sight. The fire TV remote works well with the stick inside the compartment.

Picture quality is very good indeed, and colour balance is good, with plenty of adjustment and calibration options available. The display is not bright enough for use in strong sunlight, and it works best in a room that is darkened or has low-intensity lighting. Brightness is better using an ambient-light-rejecting screen.

Sound quality is reasonable. The unit is Dolby Atmos capable, but with no external speaker drivers, it's never going to be the full surround experience. I suspect that many users of this unit will have an additional surround sound system anyway, so this isn't crucial.

I was keen to try the 3D feature of this projector, and found that it worked well with HDMI sources, but less well, or not at all with other sources. I couldn't get it to work with DLNA material, for example (although 2D DLNA was fine). In addition, the 3D features felt like a recently bolted-on addition to the operating system, as if they hadn't originally been present, so it is to be hoped that this will improve with a future firmware update.

It's too laggy to use for gaming, which is a pity, because Xbox displays look really spectacular on it.

I found the overall experience of using the projector very satisfying. Movies feel immersive, and the whole experience does have a very cinematic vibe. WIth a good screen and a good sound system, it's hugely enjoyable to use, and I still find myself wanting to watch films much more than I would have before it arrived.



The Awol Vision ltv-2500 is the best bang for your money if you want a great performing ultra short throw projector, period. I will sum up my experience (both positive and not so negative) so you dont have to read a lot. I got my first UST projector (epson 3lcd ls300) a few years ago because i wanted a well known brand. The epson was very bright but i could never get a uniform focus on the entire screen which sucked. A few weeks ago i got the ltv-2500 and upon powering on i realised it had a red tint to the picture but it was very bright for a 2500 lumens projector. After setting up one thing stood out, the entire 100inch image was in focus, very crisp and every text was sharp and detailed. This Awol projector has an amazing Color Management System and i was able to color correct and get rid of the red tint. I later ordered the 3d glasses and rewatched the movie, Gravity, and wow was i blown away by the level of brightness, sharpness and emersion of the movie. If you plan to use this projector in a light controlled room the ltv-2500 will do a perfect job. Dont forget to pair it with a good CLR ALR screen to get the best picture if you can, even though a plain white wall will still work. Last but not the least the fan noise is extremely low even when blasting on full brightness.