JMGO N1 Ultra Portable Projector Triple Laser 4K 2200 CVIA Lumens

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Why You Should Buy JMGO N1 Ultra Portable Projector
  • Triple Laser Light Source: Performance than LED Projectors
  • 2200 CVIA Lumens: Enjoy Day or Night Viewing
  • Integrated Gimbal Projector: 135° Vertical & 360° Horizontal Adjustment
  • 110%BT.2020 Wide Color Gamut: Bring all colors to your eyes.
  • Android TV 11.0:  Array of Over 5000 Apps
  • Immersive Dynaudio HiFi Audio Experience

30 Day Price Guarantee

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JMGO N1 Ultra Portable Projector Triple Laser 4K 2200 CVIA Lumens - Nothingprojector
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JMGO N1 Ultra Portable Projector Triple Laser 4K 2200 CVIA Lumens - Nothingprojector
Sale price€2.099,00


Light Source

Triple Color Laser


4K(3840 × 2160)


2200 CVIA Lumens

Contrast Ratio


Color Gamut

110% BT.2020

Throw Ratio




Noise Level


3D Mode

Blu-ray 3D, Up-to-Bottom, Left-to-Right, Blu-ray

JMGO N1 Ultra 4K Triple Color Laser Gimbal Projector

The built-in gimbal allows for flexible adjustment Ofthe projection angle

Embrace the Cinematic Experience Day and Night

Patented MALCTM Triple Color Laser Optics

The MALCTM (Microstructure Adaptive Laser Control) Technology innovated by JMGOis pushing the boundaries of high-end projectors.

Shining Bright

Outshine the competition with 2200 CVIA Lumens
brightness and the unique gimbal design.

Break the Limits of Contrast

Cinematic lmage QuaIity Redefined

Instant Gimbal-like Display Correction

Pick the spot you want, and let the Ni Uitra take care of the rest

Immersive Hi-Fi Sound Co-created with Dnyaudio

Get ready to be amazed by the 45Hz extreme low-frequency bass.

Enjoy Movie Nights Wherever You Like

The Ni Ultra comes in a recyclable EPP portable
packaging that's easy to pack and carry around.

What‘s In The Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
By far the best projector I have ever owned...

As a long-time aficionado of Epson's UB series, owning models like the 5030, 5040, and 5050UB, I recently explored the JMGO N1 Ultra. This long throw projector stood out for its impressive capabilities. Unlike the bulb technology of Epson, which has moved to pricier laser versions, the N1 Ultra offers an exceptional balance of quality and cost. Its unboxing experience, with thoughtful packaging, hinted at the quality within.

Once set up, the N1 Ultra astonished me with its rapid screen fitting and intuitive setup. The image quality, marked by vibrant colors and unparalleled focus, was a significant leap from the HDR performance of my previous projectors, including the 5050UB. Its sound quality, often an overlooked aspect in projectors, was surprisingly robust, challenging the need for an external sound system.

Although I noticed minor speckle and occasional rainbows, these didn't detract from the overall experience. The N1 Ultra's ability to produce deep blacks and rich colors was particularly remarkable, making it stand out in my over three decades of projector usage. In summary, the JMGO N1 Ultra has redefined my expectations for projectors, combining excellent visual and audio performance in a well-built package.

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Impressive brightness and contrast

Not without some fear I decided to buy this projector as there are hardly any opinions and reviews but I took the risk and I got it right. To begin with, it arrived very quickly and in perfect condition.

Just take it out of the box, by the way comes with a very good suitcase / carrying case, impresses how robust it looks and the weight it has (more than 4 kilos), yet it is comfortable to take you travel in your "suitcase".

When you turn it on you have to pair the remote control and configure the Wi-Fi. From here you just have to enjoy this small but huge projector, vibrant colors, good "blacks" and a spectacular brightness, its 2200 lumens CVIA that are about 2400 ANSI are more than enough to fill a surface of 150 inches. The autofocus and auto keystone systems work spectacularly well, as does the obstacle detection.

Although it is very well adjusted from the factory, the image can be improved with a few small adjustments. The HDR is very good and although it has no adjustments in this section, it will not be missed. By adjusting the motion compensation to the minimum we achieve a very good fluidity and without soap opera effect. The color and white balance settings are very numerous so it will not be difficult to adjust the image to your preferences or even better if you have a probe, calibrate it to make it perfect.

Finally and to put a downside 2GB of RAM are scarce and makes there are times that slows down a bit for example if we are running an application and want to make adjustments. Its 32GB of storage are scarce if you want to install many applications. I will have installed about 15 and it has barely taken me 4GB of space. Nor can you install Netflix.

One of the best

One of the best projectors that i´ve owned. My unit has no issues and for the price is realy worth it. I think a recent update from JMGO helped to improve the projectors performance.
Very good buying experience with the store.
Always ready to help the customer with any questions (including technical, delivery dates and transportation issues).