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PVA Calibration Service - Nothingprojector
PVA Calibration Service Sale price€450,00
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PVA Calibration Service - Nothingprojector
Sale price€450,00

Audiovisual calibration is a crucial technical procedure in the field of post-production and projection, aiming to optimize color fidelity and image quality of a display device such as a television, monitor, or projector. This approach ensures that the visual rendering of films or series is in line with the artistic intentions of the director and the specifications of the director of photography. Here is an enhanced and enriched version of the calibration description, incorporating technical and scientific concepts:

In summary, audiovisual calibration is a crucial element for ensuring a superior viewing experience, respecting the artistic and technical criteria of the original production. The instrumental precision and scientific methodology employed in this process are fundamental to meeting the quality standards demanded in the contemporary audiovisual industry.

Nothingprojector turns to Grégory from mondoprojos.fr for calibration services.

Grégory is a recognized professional calibrator, with solid expertise specifically in the field of video projection, particularly with laser and triple laser ultra-short-throw projectors. His reputation is built on unparalleled experience and a deep knowledge of the latest display technologies. Grégory is certified by the Professional Video Alliance (PVA), an accreditation that attests to his advanced skills and commitment to following the most stringent calibration standards.

Skills and experience

With several years of experience in calibrating hundreds of projectors, Grégory has a nuanced understanding of the challenges and subtleties related to calibrating different types of projectors, including the latest generation laser models. His ability to diagnose and correct issues with colorimetry, brightness, and contrast makes him a sought-after specialist for cinephiles and professionals seeking optimal image quality.

Equipment used by Grégory

Grégory uses state-of-the-art calibration equipment to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of his services:

- **Jeti 1501 2 nm spectrophotometer:** This high-end instrument allows for extremely precise color measurements, indispensable for cutting-edge technology projectors, including laser and triple laser models. The 2 nm resolution is particularly suited for capturing the finesse of color ranges and subtle nuances demanded by professional standards.
- **Klein K10A colorimeter:** Profiled with the Jeti probe for increased synergy and accuracy, this colorimeter is known for its speed and reliability in luminance and chrominance measurements.
- **Murideo 4K pattern generator:** This device is essential for providing a variety of test patterns used during calibration, allowing for precise evaluation and adjustment of the device's performance in terms of resolution, color, and contrast.
- **Calman Professional measurement software:** For analyzing the collected data and adjusting the parameters, Grégory relies on this industry-standard software, known for its ability to provide customized and high-precision calibration solutions.

Personalized service

Grégory places particular importance on customizing his calibration services, taking the time to understand the specific needs of each client and the type of screen used. This tailored approach ensures

Comparison of Before and After Calibration Results




The process/steps after ordering color calibration are as follows


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