ALPD®5.0 Preview

ALPD®5.0 Preview - Nothingprojector
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Super Full-Color Laser Technology

| Unique Beam Combining Technology

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Using three colors of laser light sources, combined with three colors of LED light sources, it’s unprecedented to integrate six light sources into one.

| Advanced Dynamic Modulation

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The system pre-analyzes the color gamut standards required for video playback through algorithms, achieving precise reproduction of the color gamut that the corresponding image should reach.

| Ultimate Performance

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Breaking through the technical bottlenecks of pure tricolor laser light sources or pure tricolor LED light sources, overcoming speckle and chromatic aberration issues, achieving brighter, speckle-free, and more comfortable colors.

| Productization within this year

This year, the company will take the lead in launching ALPD5.0 optical machine products in the home use sector. The Home Core Components Division will assist customers in launching new products, allowing consumers to experience even more superior projection products.

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