JMGO N1 Ultra vs Formovie X5 Review

JMGO N1 Ultra vs Formovie X5 Review - Nothingprojector

There are all kinds of different styles of projectors on the market lately, and today I want to introduce you to a special one - the JMGO N1 Ultra.

This projector comes with its own gimbal, which can move up and down and rotate left and right, giving you more flexibility.

let's compare the JMGO N1 Ultra with the Formovie X5.

                                                       JMGO N1 Ultra vs Formovie X5
Feature  N1 Ultra Fengmi  X5 Our Thoughts:
Light Source Tech Triple Color Laser ALPD® laser display technology Although three-color laser technology significantly enhances the overall color accuracy, brightness, and contrast of the projector, it tends to produce speckle artifacts. In contrast, the X5 ALPD monochromatic projector does not exhibit such issues.
Contrast 1600:1 1200:1
Throw Ratio 1.2:1 1.27:1
Max Throwable 150 inches  120inches 
Brightness 4000 ANSI Lumens 4500 Lumens The actual brightness of a projector may differ from the official claims, but in our real-world comparisons, we found that the N1 Ultra's image is brighter than the X5
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) 4K3840*2160
DMD 0.47 0.47
Built-In Speakers
10.0 Watts x2
Denon 2x12W + 6W
Color  110% BT.2020, 210% Rec.709
160% REC 709
The color gamut of JMGO N1 Ultra is wider than that of X5. It means the projector can display a broader range of colors.
Input Lag 4K/60Hz: 15ms 4K/60Hz: 40ms While official data may suggest that the N1 Ultra is superior to the X5, in our actual testing, we found that both of them offer a similar gaming experience with not much difference.
3D Support  YES NO
Price  €2.099 €1.459

JMGO N1 Ultra 


  • It has a very sturdy casing that provides excellent protection for the projector, making it very convenient for carrying during activities like camping.
  • 360-degree rotation is possible. No need to worry about projector projection angle issues.
  • With Triple color laser technology, there is a significant improvement in brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Supports 3D.
  • Andriod TV operating System
  • Supports color calibration for achieving color accuracy.



  • No Netflix app
  • Due to the Triple-color laser technology, speckle may occur



Formoive X5 


  • ALPD technology, less prone to speckle
  • Denon speaker system
  • Auto-focus
  • Low gaming latency.
  • It offers a high cost-performance ratio compared to other long-throw projectors in the same price range.


  • Requires a Google Chromecast.
  • Limited color calibration controls.



User Experience

Smart OS


 In terms of the operating system, JMGO N1 Ultra runs on Android TV 11, while the formovie X5, as it's not an international version, currently has a user interface tailored for China but supports the English language. It requires the purchase of a Google Chromecast to use. In terms of convenience, JMGO N1 Ultra is significantly better than X5. However, one drawback is that N1 Ultra does not have the Netflix app.


Laser Speckle

JMGO N1 Ultra, due to its three-color laser light source, may inevitably exhibit speckle, while the X5, with its single-color laser, effectively avoids this issue.

If you are watching from a longer distance, you may not easily notice the speckle problem, as this can vary from person to person. If you plan to project onto a plain white wall or screen, you may not encounter this issue, but if you are using a high-gain ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen, speckle might be more noticeable.


Flexibility in usage


 MGO N1 Ultra comes with a sturdy foam box, which is very convenient for camping enthusiasts.

Because it can rotate 360 degrees, it offers more flexibility in this regard compared to X5, which requires an additional stand to achieve this functionality.

Additionally, you can achieve a flat viewing experience and project the image onto the ceiling to avoid neck strain. However, when projecting onto the ceiling, it does require a certain ceiling height from the user, ideally, a ceiling height of over 3 meters is recommended.



If you plan to project the projector onto a plain white wall or screen and know how to calibrate the projector's color, then JMGO N1 Ultra will be a great choice for you. If you have a limited budget, the performance of X5 can still meet your needs.

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Hello :) do you have any preferences between this 2 projectors? Is the JMGO worth the extra money for picture quality ?

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