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Fengmi Formovie S5 Laser Projector 1100 ANSI Smart Portable ALPD Perfect For Game & Movie

Fengmi Formovie S5 Laser Projector 1100 ANSI Smart Portable ALPD Perfect For Game & Movie

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Fengmi Formovie S5 Laser Projector 1100 ANSI Smart Portable ALPD 

Come With a Gift Pack (one desktop stand, one backpack, one HDMI cable, and one screen included).

Main Features


Display TechnologyDLP

Lumens: 1100 ANSI


Contrast: 1500:1


Motion CompensationYes


Base System: Android 9

System LanguageCHN ,ENG(modify system for more language support)


Throw Ratio1.21:1

Keystone Correction: Omnidirectional automatic keystone correction

Picture Size: 40-120inch

PortsHDMI 2.1, USB, Type-C, 3.5mm headphone jack

CPUAmlogic T982

RAM: 2GB DDR4 memory

Built-in storage16GB eMMC


Smaller But Brighter

Thanks to ALPD R laser display technology, used in over 26,000 cinema laser projection halls, this compact projector offers higher light efficiency, brightness stability, outstanding contrast, and color reproduction. Enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience with the environmentally friendly and long-lasting laser light source, favored by projector users worldwide.

formovie s5 full hd resolution


Superb Full HD Image Clarity Accompanied By A Vast Color Spectrum.

Its Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels ensures remarkable clarity and detail, providing a captivating viewing experience. The S5's high brightness of 1100 lumens and impressive contrast ratio deliver vibrant and bright visuals, with deeper blacks and brighter whites for enhanced image quality.

formovie S5 cinema size


Perfect For Game And Movie 

Enjoy an excellent casual gaming experience with input lag as low as 35ms in game mode. Moreover, the projector supports both VRR and ALLM on PS5. You can now enjoy your favorite movies anywhere, anytime with the convenience of an external power bank. The intelligent screen alignment feature ensures uninterrupted auto keystone, focus, and more. Additionally, MEMC is supported for even smoother video playback. This projector is perfect for movies, games, and office work.

formovie S5 abundant interfaces


Built-in Stereo Speakers & Multiple Projection Modes

The S5 Projector comes with built-in stereo speakers for immersive audio, delivering clear and rich sound to enhance your viewing experience. You also have the option to connect external speakers for a more powerful and personalized audio setup. Additionally, it offers multiple projection modes to cater to your preferences, whether you're watching movies, sports, playing games, or giving presentations. Easily switch between modes for optimal image quality and performance.

formovie s5 built in speakers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Timo Lindeman
I had cautiously highly optimistic expectations...

Still this little device surprised me positively with awesome picture and sound quality. Made me think if price is right might buy next v10 as a replacement for my existing 4k projector.

John T.

Excellent product in this price range. Very satisfied with the customer support! One of the best prices you can find for this projector in Europe.

franz k.

I ordered a Fengmi Formovie S5 from Nothing Projector team and it's been exceeding my expectations. I'm new to the projector world and I'm really satisfied with my decision of getting this model from this store. It got a bit delayed due to holiday, but I got good attention from support. You can't find it cheaper anywhere else and it even comes with additional gifts such as a tripod, a backpack, an HDMI cable and a 100 inch screen. It is such a good deal for this quality.

The only downside with the projector itself it's the OS it comes with in Chinese, tho Nothing Projector sends clear instructions on how to configure it on English with a nice launcher. Some apps won't work by default, but there's always alternatives, or you could just plug in a TV Stick or Chromecast if you don't like the OS.

The image and sound quality are beautiful for such a small device, which you can take anywhere. This projector claims to get up till 12ms delay which for video games is amazing for these kind of devises, not even some high end projectors run so smooth while playing. I've been playing some Smash Bros and you can barely feel input lag (obviously compared to a TV or monitor there would be some) but it's white an enjoyable experience for a projector.

For it's quality and price, this product and store are a Yes yes.


I bought the Formovie S5 and it is a fantastic projector. Its form factor is small and compact, which allows you to mount to a camera tripod and set up anywhere.

The picture quality is really good, with great colours and crisp picture. The sound that outputs from the inbuilt speakers is amazing.

I’ve set it up the projector 1.8m from my screen, which is just my shut out curtain, and the screen size is approximately 80 inches.

Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a projector, especially a small compact one.

Great entry level projectoe

The S5 is a great entry level projector with fantastic image quality although only full hd and not. 4K (but supports it).
The minus point is the fact that it only comes with Chinese software and instructions making it hard (but not impossible) to configure. There should be a global version and the first question the projector should ask after initial boot should be the language desired for the UI.