Wanbo T6 Max: Worth it for under 500 AUD?

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Wanbo T6 Max: Worth it for under 500 AUD? 1

Is it reliable to get a smart projector for under 500 AUD?

In recent years, small projectors have emerged rapidly, much like mushrooms after the rain. Take the Wanbo T6 Max as an example: for less than 500 AUD, it boasts features like high brightness, 1080P resolution, and automatic focusing.

But is it as good as advertised? Let’s delve deeper.

Before that, there’s a question worth pondering:

Is such a low-cost projector worth the purchase?

After using it for a few days, my overall impression is this: If you’re new to projectors and just want a big-screen viewing experience, then this compact projector should suffice for daily TV series watching, movie nights, and light gaming.

However, if you have slightly higher demands on image quality, such as wanting brighter images or more accurate color reproduction, or if you expect outstanding performance even in daylight, then such a projector might not meet your expectations.

You might want to consider the formovie S5, a small projector that’s already highly recognized in Europe, priced at over 800 AUD.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the Wanbo T6 Max.

Wanbo T6 Max Specifications

Product Model: T6 Max

Machine Size: 195*137*201mm

Product Color: White

Product Weight: 1945g

Optical Parameters:Projection

Technology: LCD

Light Source: LED(Claimed lifespan of 20,000 hours)

Physical Resolution: 1920*1080

Projection Ratio: 1.35:1

Projection Scale: 16:9/4:3


Storage Built-In: 16GB eMMC high speed flash memory

System: Android 9.0

Wi-Fi: 2.4G+5G dual-band wifi

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Speaker: 5W*2(Independent Digital Power Amplifier)

Focusing: Electric Focusing


How to choose a projector?

No matter the price of the projector, image quality is always the most important. The main factors affecting image quality are brightness and color accuracy.


Affordable projectors don’t tend to have high brightness levels. The actual brightness for such devices usually stays below 500 ANSI lumens. For these projectors, even a difference of just 100 ANSI lumens in brightness can lead to a significantly different visual experience.

The effects brought by projectors with different brightness levels 1
The display effect of projectors with different brightness levels when projecting directly onto a white wall

Therefore, when it comes to projectors, the brighter, the better.

According to the official specifications, the T6 Max has a luminosity of 450 ANSI lumens.

For an economical projector, if the color distortion is minimal and the loss of detail in dark scenes isn’t too significant, the overall experience can be quite pleasing.

Take, for example, my personal experience with the Wanbo T6 Max: projecting an 80-inch image directly onto a white wall yielded vibrant colors and decent contrasts in both dark and light areas. It delivers a viewing quality that meets everyday needs without major issues.

wanbo t6 max's projection effect on a white wall in a dark environment
Wanbo T6 max’s projection effect on a white wall in a dark environment
Wanbo T6 max's projection effect on a white wall in a dark environment
Wanbo T6 max’s projection effect on a white wall in a dark environment

If you have higher brightness requirements, you might consider the Formovie S5, which offers a brightness of up to 1100 ANSI lumens.

A common issue with portable projectors in the market is that due to their compact size, they struggle to offer high brightness levels, vibrant colors, and crisp details.

Formovie has developed a new ALPD laser display technology that, compared to traditional bulbs or LEDs, offers higher luminous efficiency, a broader color range, and greater contrast.


Contrast Ratio:

The official contrast ratio for the T6 Max is claimed to be 2000:1. However, based on the actual experience, it seems that the real value falls short of this claim. Considering its price point, it’s still acceptable.

Color Accuracy:

This depends on the calibration technology of different manufacturers. Major projector brands like Epson, JVC, and Sony often pursue high color accuracy, and naturally, their prices tend to be higher.

I used another projector in the same price range to compare with the wanbo T6 MAX. On the left is the wanbo T6 max, and you can see that the color aspect of the wanto is still good.

Color display comparison between Wanbo T6 max and another projector at the same price point
Wanbo T6 Max: Worth it for under 500 AUD? 2
Color display comparison between Wanbo T6 max and another projector at the same price point
Wanbo T6 Max: Worth it for under 500 AUD? 3

The Wanbo T6 MAX performs well at night, but its clarity diminishes in daylight. For consistent quality even in daytime, opt for a projector with greater brightness.

User experience


The Wanbo T6 Max smart projector adopts a minimalist design style. The front-facing projection lens and the regularly spaced ventilation holes below it form a symmetrical design. In terms of aesthetic appeal, I think it’s quite decent. Moreover, this simple white design is versatile, making it seamlessly fit into settings like homes and stores.


The Wanbo T6 Max smart projector is equipped at the back with Bluetooth and Wifi, and offers connectivity options through HDMI (1 port) and USB (2 ports).

The Wanbo T6 Max runs on the Android 9 interface, and its app store includes many of our favorite apps such as Netflix (although only in SD), YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, and VLC.


The Wanbo T6 Max smart projector features a pure glass lens on the front top. The advantage of using pure glass material is its high refraction rate, ensuring that the projected image does not distort or become out of focus due to temperature changes. This is especially important given that the lens area can become very hot during prolonged use of projectors.

Automatic Focusing:

Additionally, beside the projection lens of the T6 Max, there is an automatic focusing mechanism. Whenever the T6 Max is powered on or moved during use, it will automatically adjust the focus to ensure a clear projection.

I believe this is one of the highlights of the Wanbo T6 Max.

Most projectors of the same price range and type, utilizing LCD technology, typically feature manual focusing. It’s rare to find models like the T6 Max that incorporate an automatic focus design.

Based on the auto-focus performance, the T6 Max is highly sensitive and focuses very precisely. It also supports full automatic keystone correction


There’s a bit of noise. Entry-level projectors tend to be noisy because they need to vent out the heat generated by the bulb.

The built-in speaker’s output is decent, but I would recommend connecting the projector to a high-quality speaker via Bluetooth.


The official input lag is , which is suitable for static or puzzle games. However, it might not be ideal for dynamic games.

You may also want to know:

How far can a Wanbo T6 Max projector reach?

The Wanbo projector T6 MAX can project a screen size of 50-200 inches within a distance range of 1.3-7.0 meters.

How much RAM does the Wanbo T6 Max have?




For those new to the world of projectors and who plan to use them primarily in dim settings, I believe even a budget-friendly projector like the wanbo T6 max can offer a satisfying experience. In its price range, it stands out as a highly competitive option, delivering notable value for money.

That said, there’s room for improvement. A detachable lens cover would be a welcomed addition. While its all-glass lens might resist scratches, it’s vulnerable to dust accumulation.

It’s worth noting, however, that its performance in well-lit conditions leaves something to be desired. If daytime viewing is essential for you, consider opting for a projector with higher brightness

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